Ferocious Offenses vs. Big Defenses: Pigskin Pundit’s Week Seven Picks

Published on October 17, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Broncos at Cardinals – Denver has had a tough run, but you have to believe a team this talented will eventually find a way to beat somebody. Arizona is that somebody. Broncs stomp.

Titans at Chargers – The Bolts need to maintain the high voltage if they want to keep trapping lightning in a bottle. Vrabel’s Titans are about to touch the third rail in LA. BZZZZT! Chargers sizzle.

Texans at Jags – Houston is pulling it together, slowly. But the schizo Jags need this home win to maintain any sense of self-confidence. Gotta believe they can hold the score down long enough for Bortles to connect on a few tds. Jaguars in a nip-and-tuck fight.

Panthers at Eagles – Philly and Carolina are each trying to get some traction to take a run at their divisions. I like Philly at home. Newton’s law doesn’t apply in the city of brotherly love.

Vikings at Jets – I think this is a trap game for the Norsemen. Darnold can put points up, and the Vikes have struggled to score this year. Todd Bowles Minnesota over.

Pats at Bears – Chicago is on the rise, but Belichick excels at neutralizing what the other team wants to do most…just ask Travis Kelce, who was invisible last week. Pats ventilate the Windy City.

Bills at Colts – The Colts are due for a win, and Buffalo is a good candidate for a road loss. Horseshoes find Luck at home.

Browns at Bucs – Mike Smith is gone, so the Bucs defense could be in disarray or find new life. Something tells me they pull it together. Tampa bakes Mayfield.

Lions at Dolphins – The question is, who are the Lions and Dolphins this year? Miami is the worst 4-2 team in the league. Tannehill is a huge question mark, and so is Matt Patricia. Lions enjoy a fish fry.

Saints at Ravens – Best game of the week, as outrageous offense faces stifling defense. Can Drew breeze through Baltimore after the bye, or does Flacco outgun him at home? Ravens defend the nest.

Cowboys at Redskins – This Western anachronism shapes up to be a classic battle, as the Cowboys circle the wagons and the Skins look to stay on the warpath another week. Dallas does DC.

Rams at 49ers – The Niners have found some gold nuggets lately, looking good even in close losses like Monday’s at Lambeau. But the Rams haven’t found their top gear yet. Hollywood stars over Frisco.

Bengals at Chiefs – This is Kansas City’s 6th victory waiting to happen. Cincy is decent, but KC wants to get back to winning, and they will. Mahomes at home.

Giants at Falcons – In this “Who Cares” clunker on Monday night, Tony Romo will be the only thing interesting. Let’s just be thankful Oakland has a bye week………The Mighty Quinn survives to coach another week. Falcons.

Enjoy the games!

Image: CCO Creative Commons; Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/football-american-professional-nfl-622891/