How Are You Going to Vote in the Face of ‘the Caravan’ Invading America?

Written by Larry Usoff on October 29, 2018

We’re being invaded!

Whether you realize it or not, whether you KNOW it and don’t care, we ARE being invaded. No, you won’t see an army as we might define an army, with uniforms and weapons…but what you WILL see is just as frightening. The invading “army”, and don’t be misled when you’re told it’s a “caravan” because it isn’t, is heading for our Southern border. The timetable for them is to arrive just before our midterm elections…how convenient. There’s a lot that was left to the imagination…but we’ll see about that.

We, you and I, see the same coverage of this invading army, but we may draw different conclusions. The mainstream media covers the event as if it were something glorious. It isn’t. It isn’t as the army has been described, a mixture of men, women and children. True, all of them are represented, but if one looks carefully at the videos, it’s apparent that the biggest majority of people are men…men, of military age and, again it’s to the contrary, they are not “starving” or looking starved. These invaders are intent on crashing through our border and once in the country, disappearing.

The current laws and other rules for immigration are not just out of date, they actually encourage people to come to America for the express purpose of gaining illegal entry, vanishing, and never returning to their native countries. This may be especially so for the ones that have come to our border in order to do harm to America…and don’t be foolish enough to believe that there aren’t those among the invaders that are there for just that purpose. With such a massive group, there are people that just join along as the crowd passes, enlarging it as it winds along.

Consider this, please. All of a sudden, several thousand people from Honduras, Guatemala and who-knows-where-else, decide to march over a thousand miles from where they live, to the American southern border. If you can buy THAT as being a spontaneous movement, then consider the other logistics involved. Who is feeding them? That’s three meals a day, for maybe the best part of a month. No luggage was seen in any of the videos that I saw, so they’re either wearing the same clothing for that time, or someone is giving them a change or two. Probably all of them are bathing at some point, right? Where would that be, and who is providing the bathing facilities?

In past invasions, no matter where or when, the banner or flag of the invading army was always present…right? No invader ever showed the flag of the place being invaded, so why are these folks PROUDLY displaying the flag of their country, and not the American flag? It is very simply that they are invading and they want us to know who it is that is invading us. While we consider that, here’s another puzzler…who mapped out the route(s) that these invaders will take? Where are these people sleeping overnights and if they have sleeping bags, who supplied them?

There have been reports of sexual predators, attacks on women, as well as children…girls AND boys. All of these people are not, in my not-so-humble opinion, regular church-goers and some may not even be Christians! Whoa! What was that? Yes, some of the traveling invaders may be Muslims, members of MS-13, or other groups intent on doing bad things once they disappear into the population of America. Very few, so I’m told, ever show up for a court appearance and those that do, do so because they don’t know they can avoid it.

The present immigration system, a patchwork of rules, laws, executive orders and suggestions, isn’t working. A complete shutdown of ALL immigration for one year would be a good start, so that the system could be reworked into something that is usable and fair. A lottery is just a dumb idea because anybody, good, bad, or indifferent, gets a free ride and we don’t have a clue about them. That HAS to change. Around the late 1890’s and into the early 1900’s, immigrants entered the country and we knew all about them…where they were from, whether they were healthy or not, and even where they might be working…because they had to have a sponsor, and that sponsor was investigated thoroughly.

Parting shot: We are at the doorstep of a very important election. Yeah, I know…you hear that every time. This time, however, the choice is crystal clear. We either continue on the path that Trump has set out, and the people and country prosper, or we go to the left, and re-institute the pitiful way we were going under the previous administration. Taking what has been said and discovered, about the Democrat party and their militant goons, is that really the way we should continue? I think not.

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Larry Usoff
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