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#KillKavanaugh Is OK With Twitter But James Woods’ Tweets Are Verboten

It would sure be nice if ‘Jack’ (Twitter’s CEO) would step up and clarify the rules we’re “all” supposed to play by — if indeed we ALL are really supposed to play by them.

From here in the cheap seats, the ‘rules’ sure look selective.

It’s almost as though Big Tech is just looking for a convenient excuse to stick a digital gag over the mouths of anyone who doesn’t goose-step to their thought police.

But they would never do something like that, right? Otherwise, they become a ‘publisher’ and responsible for the content of the platform.

And that would open up a whole rat’s nest of potential legal liabilities.

Hopefully they’ve fixed it by the time you read this but Twitter’s own search bar, the ‘autocomplete’ function will try to predict what word you’re trying to spell out to same some time searching. At this point, if you type the two letters “ki” and nothing else in the search bar, it will show you something that looks like this.

Does anything jump out at you there?

Twitter’s OWN suggestion bar is reading KI to be an interest in searching “Kill Kavanaugh”.

How is Twitter not in violation of their OWN terms of service by letting their search bar put up crap like that?

So, now we’ve seen what Twitter’s own search engine can do without any negative blowback.

What about the public?

Let’s do a compare-and-contrast of two recent examples.

James Woods, who is now as famous for being a right-of-center Social Media heavyweight as he is for his Hollywood roles, found himself locked out of Twitter for writing a single post that was so horrible that other people could share it without having their accounts suspended.

For mocking #FakeFeminist soyboys, James Woods had his account go dark and it’s been that way since … September 20th. This article is being written on October 1st, making today day eleven. (And counting.)

We’re told he will stay in their ‘sin bin’ until he complies by taking down that post which others have (obviously) posted without consequence.

But the Antifa slobs who openly encourage physical violence and confrontation? Remember the Ted Cruz ambush at the restaurant?

In their ‘pinned tweet’ they brag about that confrontation.

They are unabashedly aggressive and have no interest in playing fair:

The only rules they’re intersted in are the ones they can use to their advantage against their enemies:

Yes, you saw that correctly. Anarchists are now complaining that someone isn’t playng by the rules.

The Antifa group connected to that giraffe or llama looking professor that was on Tucker’s show some time ago has ties to this nasty little group.

That group got a Twitter time out, too. How long were they cooling their heels?

Their FIRST message when returning from Twitter time out was a threat of ongoing physical confrontation.

How long were they in time out?

24 hours. 

And @realJameswoods is on his eleventh day. For posting a meme.

This is where we stand now.

Do YOUR Senators and Congressmen know about this double standard?

Have you mentioned it to Twitter’s CEO @jack?

Will you be doing so now?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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