NFL Week 9: Expect at Least One Game to Be a ‘Mud Wrestle’

Published on October 31, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit’s Picks: Week 9

Trick or Treat is over. It’s mid-season and we’re sorting the contenders from the pretenders. As always, the cream is starting to rise to the top. We’ll see who’s heavy and who’s whipped. Last week I went 12-2, and now sit at 65-38 for the season.

Oakland at SF – Thursday night’s are not going to gain any new viewers with garbage games like this. The Niners are finer than Chucky’s Unluckies.

Bears at Bills – Chicago should have little problem taking these leaderless Buffaloes to the stockyard, and slaughtering them.

Bucs at Panthers – Cam Newton’s team seems to be firming up for the stretch run, while Tampa can’t decide whether Fitzpatrick fits or Winston wins. Panthers roar.

Chiefs at Browns – Like Spinal Tap did when they played in Cleveland, the Browns will have trouble finding the stage door. Chiefs continue their warpath in Ohio.

Jets at Dolphins – Darn old Darnold invades South Beach looking for momentum, while Osweiler & Company look for a win – any way they can get one. In this pretty even matchup, I think the Jets will be more likely to land.

Steelers at Ravens – The division lead is at stake here, the Bengals notwithstanding. Offense against defense, but nobody to answer the Bell. Ravens stifle the Steel.

Lions at Vikings – The real Vikings liked to wear lion pelts, to display their fierceness. It’s time for these Vikings to do the same – and they will.

Falcons at Redskins – The Ha Ha-strengthened Redskins will enjoy plucking the Falcons’ feathers in this matchup. Ryan goes to the Matt….and gets pinned.

Texans at Broncos – The Broncos are a tough ride at home, but I like the Texans to stay in the saddle.

Chargers at Seahawks – The Squawks have shown some life of late…. but the Bolts should zap them back to mediocrity in this one.

Rams at Saints – Here are your two NFC finalists at mid-season. LA is due for a first loss, and seasoned New Orleans is a worthy bestower. The Saints go marching in.

Packers at Patriots – The Pack has been picked clean, looking like a team that’s decided this is a rebuilding year. Aaron Rodgers is never down and out, but road wins in Foxboro are as rare as honest politicians. Patriots, in a mud wrestle.

Titans at Cowboys – Dallas can score a bit. Tennessee can’t seem to. Releasing the Kraken won’t help these Titans in Texas.

Thank you Red Sox for a memorable October!! Enjoy the games!