Sarah Sanders Zaps CNN’s Zucker For Rebuking Trump For His Incendiary Verbiage

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2018

CNN Pres Jeff Zucker’s ‘hot take’ on the pipe bomb is a hot mess… and Sarah Sanders really let him have it.

What’s the very first instinct of CNN’s President Jeff Zucker?

Exactly what we would have expected. Start swinging at Trump. Because all this is somehow HIS fault.

Who did Zucker blame for the dangerous packages sent to Republicans earlier this month? Oh. Nobody. Those were unworthy of mention.

Those barely made headlines, despite that fact that they hit several high-profile Republican targets.

But now that CNN and some DEMOCRAT targets were impacted, suddenly it’s REAL news.

And Zucker has a convenient scapegoat.

That explains why all of CNN’s talking heads are so intensely rabid in their Anti-Trump zealotry. It’s coming straight from the top.

The Former NY Police Commissioner walked off the set at CNN because they turned the interview into a partisan hit job.

Sarah Sanders throws some cold water on Zucker’s cheap shot.

Let’s see. In response to a terrorist event, we’ve got two paths before us.

The options are:

Zucker’s vision of splitting into our partisan camps and ramping up the rhetoric.

Or Sarah’s vision of coming together as a nation.

One has short-sighted political gains in mind. The other has the overall health of the nation in mind.

The choices are pretty clear, aren’t they?

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