Senator Jeff Flake, The Democrats’ Next Insurance Policy Against President Trump

Written by Bill Martinez on October 5, 2018

By: Bill Martinez
ClashDaily Guest Contributor

Has Jeff Flake been “duped” to be the Democrats next “insurance policy” against Judge Kavanaugh? It was Senator Jeff Flake’s (R) unilateral decision after being hot-boxed by Senator Chris Coons (D) that delayed the Kavanaugh vote for the 7th FBI investigation of the judge.

Since that time, probably on orders of Chuck Schumer, Sens Coons and Flake have been joined at the hip. They have been known to be best friends, but this friendship is being taken to a whole new level. The Democrats and his friend Sen Coons know Flake is the weak link and vulnerable to do the Democrats bidding.

Two quick questions come to mind: 1) Does Sen Flake not have any Republican friends that can counter Coons influence? And 2) Why are we not seeing Flake going to Arizona to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation with his constituency?

Is Flake, like the Democrats, convincing or has convinced himself that he knows better than his voters. Yes, it’s noble to consider the unity of our country which you know Coons used to break his friend down to get his way.

The big question that many are asking as well, is that Flake gave this additional FBI investigation to Coons and the Democrats, but what did Flake, and the Republicans get in exchange? Generally, that’s the way bargains work, don’t they?

Coons right away with most of the senators on the committee declared their vote was a “no” anyway. So, after dragging the lives of Dr Ford and Judge Kavanaugh through the political mud, abandoning due process and telling the men of America to just “shut up,” maybe the takeaway is that the new rules Democrats have imposed on all of us are clear and deleterious to rule of law and the future of our exceptional republic and democracy.

Democrats will still vote “No” which is what they stated even before Kavanaugh was nominated. Regardless of the confirmation vote for Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats have singlehandedly divided our country, have done irreparable damage to the psyche of our electorate and caused America to pay a big price all because they want to invalidate the votes of 62 million Americans who chose Donald J Trump as their President.

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