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Some Curious New Connections To Soros And His ‘Dark Money’ Proxies

We all know that George Soros has an interest in the destruction of our country and our Constitution. I remember a conversation I had with a missionary friend in 2008 who was down in Brazil. I had never heard of Soros at that point until information about his connection to Obama was beginning to come out.

I will never forget what he said to me. “Everybody in South America knows it is Soros that is behind every dictator in our country and he has collapsed our economies to get control. What we don’t understand is why the American press is not reporting on this guy and why Americans don’t get it.” Well, we get it now and still he continues. Texas is his latest target.

Kim Ogg is the District Attorney for Harris County. She beat Devon Anderson after a massive influx of money from Soros in “in-kind” contributions through an Organization known as Texas Justice and Safety PAC. According to Transparency Texas, it has since been dissolved.

Initially, she abjured any money from Soros who was backing her 2016 Challenger and then accepted his largess when nominated.

Texas Justice and Safety had a handful of objectives that Ogg either had before inclined to or decided to conform to. It was born out of some ideas that are generally hostile to police, open immigration, reduced sentences for minor drug crimes and so on.

This was not lost on many Republicans such as Senator Cruz and Governor Abbot.

For this cycle, it would appear to have two new incarnations growing out of the same National PAC idea: Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and Texas smart on Crime Coalition. Again, TXGOP likely has a good eye on these.

As you might suspect, this outlook of DA Ogg makes her implicitly and explicitly hostile to President Trump’s efforts. In a gratuitous and tedious article about her homosexual lifestyle, she identifies her “Resistance” as a corporate part of mission in elected office.

She came to my sources attention when, after Hurricane Harvey, she indicted a plant manager and CEO of an American subsidiary of a French chemical company named Arkema. The storm had destroyed the plant’s electrical transformers and destabilized the chemicals inside (Hydrogen Peroxide). Her action came after one of her donors, Muhammad Aziz helped initiate a civil suit already in motion (since elevated to Federal Court). It also came after the EPA and US Chemical Safety Board exonerated the company.

Further, it followed three months after the visit of French President Macron to the US where President Macron stated:

We also talked about the climate. And here, also, we know where we stand. France will continue to work on major pieces, including the global compact for the environment. But I think I can say that our economic — our businesses, our researchers can continue to work on — can create solutions in the field. And we are both attached to that.

In the same speech, President Trump expressed optimism for a robust bilateral economic relationship.

George Soros, of course, has been convicted in France for insider trading.

Lest there be any doubt about the use of the Soros PAC money and it’s pro-environmental agenda, the Justice and Safety National PAC had an interesting return address:

It EXACTLY matches the address for the DNC law firm used to disburse funds to Fusion GPS for the phony Russian Dossier: Perkins Coie.

Soros’ organizations have been banned from Russia.

So what does it boil down to?

Soros is known for backing candidates who conform to his progressive views and impugn for his donations.

In this case, he is likely inflicting direct pressure on enemies (likely to advantage competitors he is invested in) demonstrated by the Ogg prosecution against a French Company linked to energy giant Total.

It conveniently masquerades to serve his progressive agenda.

Now with his money being injected into the Senate race what will he expect from Beto in return?

After Nico Lahood was beaten by Joe Gonzales thanks to a million dollar injection from Soros, what plans does Soros have for Bexar County in the immigration arena with the caravan approaching?

Pastor Gregory Young is the host of the radio show, ‘Chosen Generation’.

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