This Is What Drove Me from the Democratic Party …

Written by Larry Usoff on October 15, 2018

First, let me set out my opinion on the state of the union…it’s no longer a union! There are certain factions at work, behind the scenes, in front of the camera, everywhere you look, that are determined to tear asunder this country. One might think, but not too much, about how this all came about and, if you think like I do, you’ll know just where to place the blame…the previous administration and Hussein’s Horde. It’s been said before that the eight years of that administration weren’t so much a governance as it was a crime spree!

Think back, to 2009 I believe it was, when the President-elect said something about fundamentally transforming America…remember? It was sort of an open-ended remark and very few of us thought to ask the proper question, “To what are we being transformed?”. As it turned out Hussein had a plan to destroy America and it wasn’t an original plan either. The slice-and-dice method of pigeon-holing people had been used by just about every dictator and every wannabe-dictator. The simplicity of the plan just amazes and that it works so well is astounding. One just declares that this group here is working against that group there…and then stands back and watches the fireworks. It could be one political group against another, or a racial divide, or even a status division, but whatever it is, it works.

Prior to Hussein, I was a life-long Democrat. When he was nominated, became the candidate and nobody knew anything about him, it raised a lot of questions, but no answers were forthcoming. When someone appears, as he did, with little or nothing known about him, you might wonder and when we did there just was a blank wall. It takes a LOT of money to completely blank out your past and that was a huge red flag for me. By the time the campaign started, my affiliation had changed and for the better because now it was clear to me what the fundamental transformation was going to be. Hussein had turned a corner and headed this county to the scrap-heap. No further explanation of what took place in the eight years of Hussein’s Horde running the country, is necessary.

Let’s look at the Senate and its job of “advise and consent” in the matter of appointments made by the President. The original concept was, as I understand it, that an appointee’s name is brought up in the Senate and they “advise and consent” about him or her. A simple up-or-down vote should be all that’s necessary, if you want to stick with the way it’s supposed to be handled. Instead, over a period of time, it has become something of a sideshow, and at various times praising and pillorying the person sitting before them. What should be a one-day voting process has turned into something lasting weeks and the “digging” goes all the way back as far as the diggers can go. Nominees sit and listen to themselves being portrayed as the scum of the earth, womanizing warlocks, or a person so separated from reality that they don’t understand anything that the office to which they’re being appointed, means! Were I President, it would be my distinct pleasure to admonish the Senate to stick to the original concept and just vote yea or nay.

From time to time the President gets a letter from me…through the US Postal Service! He gets the “benefit” of my thinking on various things and MY “plan” for such-and-such a problem. To be sure, he answers me but it’s a form letter, which is not unusual since he probably gets hundreds of letters every day. Maybe, and it seems that someone hinted at this a while back, maybe every now and then a “regular” guy or gal has a good idea about how something should be run, or fixed. It would be awful if the government stood still and didn’t recognize that the world was changing and it had to change, or modify, some of its dealings with other nations. My plans are workable, save money, and deal with (if not solve) real problems.

It’s been said, on both sides of the discussion, that America is the world’s policeman…and I suppose it is. Just think, for a moment, if not us, who?

It is nothing short of appalling, to listen to “the younger generation(s)” and hear them talk about Socialism being so wonderful. If they had been taught, instead of indoctrinated, in the schools as they came up through the grades, they might know and understand the country in which they live…and seem to despise. What has been spoon-fed to them is that, under a socialist regime everything is free, and they love that. Why then, are they not even asking where all the money to pay for these schemes, will come from?

Our educational system used to place us in the top tier of systems around the world. That is not the case now, and unless something drastic changes that, we will continue to become dumber and dumber, and THAT is exactly what the Socialists require…people just smart enough to do the work, but not smart enough to question anything.

Parting shot: Wake up, America! Consequences occur from every action, every word, so we must be very careful how we do things. America MUST survive, but it won’t unless we care.

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Larry Usoff
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