Voters Tired of Failed Barack Obama Voted in Donald Trump to Get Things Done

Written by William Pauwels on October 24, 2018

The Presidency should not be a popularity contest. It’s a job that requires professional leadership, proven judgment, negotiating skills, drive and determination, and significant energy.

Clearly, President Trump has these and many more positive attributes. You may or may not like his personality – but you should like the energy he has put into the job and the results he has achieved.

Most of our past presidents were power-focused politicians – determined first and foremost to being reelected and to retaining control. Many had little experience running an enterprise of significance. The US Government and America’s military are the largest enterprise in the history of the world.

Obama was a prime example of a president totally lacking in practical, hands-on, applicable experience. He learned the job on the job and accomplished very little of importance. His failed administration was clearly the result.

After eight years of a failed Obama/Democrat administration and economic growth of less than 2% – American voters had enough and elected an experienced business executive, Donald J. Trump, as president of the United States.

Within months, President Trump got the economy moving ahead at a record pace. It is now growing at the rate of +4.1% — over 2.56% points higher than Obama’s last year in office.

Job growth, employment, wage rates, and IRA/401(k) accounts are at record levels. America Is becoming Great Again – as President Trump promised during his campaign.

Now it’s up to American voters to perpetuate the economic boom they started by voting for Republican congressmen/women who support the President’s Make America Great Again Agenda.

If you are planning to vote because of feelings or historical family history, you may be on the wrong track. President Trump’s accomplishments during the first 21 months of his MAGA Administration are significant and unprecedented. But he needs your support at the polls during the Midterm Elections — to prolong what he’s done for the benefit of jobs, higher wages, lower taxes, reduced unemployment, Supreme Court and judicial appointments, Obamacare cost reductions, fair trade, stronger military, etc., etc.

Most importantly, get out your conservative, constitutionally oriented friends to vote in support of Republican, Constitutionalist, Congressional candidates. President Trump has great plans to perpetuate his MAGA Agenda and our unprecedented Economic Boom!

photo credit: Excerpted from: The Facey Family Barack Obama via photopin (license)

William Pauwels
William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.