WATCH: 2019 New Season Of Extreme Huntress – Meet The Ladies!

From both sides of the Atlantic, these ladies are some of the best of the best.

In the first episode of the 2019 season of Extreme Huntress, We’ll meet this year’s finalists for the first time. From the U.S. and abroad, all with their own individual areas of expertise. We’ll also get our first glimpse of the world famous FTW Ranch, home of the S.A.A.M. Hunter training program. But this year, there will be a few surprises. Who’s got what it takes to be the next extreme huntress? Tune in and find out!

This is no prissy “powder-puff” experience. These ladies are the real deal. They had to beat out other contestants to make the cut and compete for the title of “Extreme Huntress”

From Spokane:

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From Sweden:

From Slovakia:

And from Minnesota:

Who’s got what it takes to come out on top?

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