WATCH: Doug Giles Talks About Conservative Sites Getting NUKED By Facebook

Written by Doug Giles on October 14, 2018

Now that Zuckerberg has gone pulled the plug on practically anyone who isn’t left of Lenin, our Big Dawg sat down for an interview about it.

ClashDaily has been around for about 6 years with roughly 2 Million followers. As of last week, they and 800 other accounts were deleted.

He was interviewed by Alicia Powe Gateway Pundit and had was given a chance to say exactly what he thinks about Mark.

Here he is in his own words:

ClashDaily is up-front about our political biases, we cite our sources and have had fewer retractions or erroneous stories than the New York Times, or CNN.

Our reach of 8-million to 30-million a week went down to half a million to a million after the election. That was directly in response to the ‘algorithm change’.

Here are a few of the highlights:

“If Facebook is really after fake news then they should turn their attention to CNN and MSNBC,” he continued. “We are just patriotic, freedom flag, country loving news organization that doesn’t pull any kind of punches whatsoever. We are conservative. We put that up front in our ‘about us’ tab and we let people know that we are conservative and libertarian leaning. We don’t make any bones about it.

There was more:

“I don’t want to be in the party of the gentle little tinker pots that can’t have robust, verbal, online, sparring debates – it’s not America, it has nothing to do with this grand experiment and self-governance – its’s speech suppression.”

If you thought Doug has any intention of coming back like some impoverished supplicant begging to be allowed back into Zuckerberg’s sad little club, you couldn’t be more wrong.

“We are definitely going to fight it, but I’m not fighting it to get back on,” he said. “I’ve been dealing with that manic group over at Facebook – their like ‘you can’t do that headline, you can’t do that meme, you can’t say this.’ It’s like dealing with a neurotic girlfriend that you cannot please no matter what you do , and finally she says ‘we’re finished.’ You’re like ‘hallelujah,’ grab a chug of vodka, drink it and go smoke a cigar and hang out with the brothers.

“If they put me back on tomorrow, I wouldn’t populate their page because there is no pleasing them. They will do it again, unless there is some kind of government anti-trust regulation – Let somebody go in there and take Facebook out at the knees. Let them compete with them come on there are some billionaires that are on our side that are sitting on a stack of cash. Again, if they take out the infantry, which we are, then they are coming for the cavalry, and then they are coming for the generals. It might take a little longer, but they are coming, I guarantee it.

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Maybe Zuckerberg figured he could silence conservative voices by simply shutting them down. If so, he has SERIOUSLY underestimated the American tenacity and Fighting Spirit.

This will NOT go the way he THINKS it will go.