Clash Poll: Is Brenda Snipes Inept Or Corrupt?

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2018

What’s really going on behind the 5-Alarm gong show in Broward County Elections offices? Is it accident or Intent?

Because the two options call for two very different responses.

There is no way that anyone — ANYONE — can claim she’s been doing a great job of overseeing that most sacrosanct of our American Institutions… the Voting Process that allows for the smooth transition of power that one Hillary Clinton once spoke so glowingly of.

Elections are the regularly-scheduled Peoples’ Revolt as a bloodless alternative to the violent uprisings so many other countries use in dealing with corrupt, inept, or despotic rulers.

But for that process to work, the people must trust the system isn’t being gamed. And that trust is being badly eroded.

Exhibit A: Brenda Snipes of Broward County.

By law, she was required to have given firm numbers of voters within 30 minutes of polls closing. She did not.

She has announced that she’s stepping down and claims to think she’s done an awesome job.

Elected in 2016 to a four-year term, Snipes she thinks she’s “served the purpose that I came here for, which was to provide a credible election product for our members,”…
Source: FoxNews

She hasn’t.

Even Jeb! — who had appointed her so many years ago — has lost confidence in her.

And besides her office’s violation of electoral standards of practice and legal requirement, refusal to clean up the voter rolls, ballot boxes opened in secret, mishandling of ballot boxes, including some that wound up left in the trunk of a returned rental car…

…disqualified ballots that are known to have been counted with legitimate ones, and literally thousands of votes pouring in long AFTER the official deadline…

The question isn’t whether she’s a good or a bad Elections officer. She’s clearly not good.

The real question concerns the root of her failures. Was she inept or was she criminal?

It comes down to intent.

Some people in life have been able to talk their way into jobs that put them in over their head, and they lack the skills required to execute.

Other people have a personal agenda that will make them abuse the powers of their job to accomplish certain personal aims.

We’ve seen that in the case of Strzok and others, who put a personal agenda ahead of the Public Interest generally and Employee Responsibilities specifically.

We need to find out which is the case here.

Is Snipes, a Registered Democrat, using the authority of her position to intentionally Rig an election? That ought to be taken even more seriously than any so-called Russian Collusion since it’s a betrayal of the process by those whose job it is to safeguard it.

(Related: Keep a keen eye on Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner results, which Dan Bongino suggests may be the real prize here because of that role’s authority over Gun Licencing.)

Or is she just a pathetic old woman who was in over her head and too proud to admit it?

The answer is important. Because, 75 years old or not, if she’s been sabotaging the election — or cooperating with those who have — she should be criminally prosecuted. If found guilty, she should go to jail over this.

Being an old woman is no excuse. The stakes are too high.

Free and fair elections are the block upon which our Civil Society balances. Take that block away, and the road ahead for America is neither Civil nor safe.