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Dear America: When Trump Gasses Illegals, That’s BAD – When Obama Did It, That’s GOOD!

Sunny Hostin of The View freaks out when she gets called out by Meghan McCain for her hypocrisy. Check it out…

Shockingly, the harpies on The View were actually citing a conservative source, National Review’s article about Obama using tear gas as a deterrent at the border during his presidency.

During that ‘Hot Topic’ segment of The View on Wednesday, Whoopi cited the article saying that National Review was calling out both liberal and conservative media for their ‘flawed coverage’ of the Obama administration, especially referring to the use of tear gas at the border.

Joy Behar refused to believe it, showing the viral photo of a mother running with her pantless, barefoot children from a tear gas canister near the border, and smugly asking if there was a photo like that one during Obama’s presidency.

Of course, using smoke and tear gas a the ‘imaginary’ migrant caravan at the border is now the most pressing issue in our nation because of ‘THAT’ picture revealing the cold-heartedness of President Trump and Republicans in general.

However, reporters on the ground know that the migrant caravan isn’t primarily made up of women and children.

Meghan McCain drop-kicked them with Homeland Security data stating that it did indeed happen, and as frequently as multiple times a month under Obama’s administration.

Apparently, no one thought it was newsworthy back then.

Abby Huntsman then said that it’s fair to call out ‘BS on both sides’ and it wasn’t just the gas that National Review article was saying that the Media (D) had ignored under Obama.

HUNTSMAN: In that piece it said over a period of four months in 2014 under the Obama years HHS allegedly placed a number of unaccompanied children into the hands of a ring of human traffickers, who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Ohio, leading to a federal and criminal indictment. According to the indictment the minors victims were forced to work six and seven hours a week, 12 hours per day. These are the things we don’t talk about.

It was around this point that Sunny Hostin got positively apoplectic and interrupted, ‘The last I checked President Obama is no longer in office. President Trump is in office!‘ to a round of applause from the audience.

Quick to chime in was Joy Behar who added, ‘And he’s destroying the country!

Hostin completely ignored the unaccompanied children placed with human traffickers mentioned by Huntsman, and instead started rattling off leftist talking points.

HOSTIN: ‘And this [B]ut Obama’ defense doesn’t work for me…The Trump Administration has secretly continued to separate kids from their families. The Obama administration never did that. The ACLU says that kind of separation is unprecedented. So this whole, but Obama did it, but Obama did it, I don’t care what Obama did. I care what Trump is doing right here right now!

The Obama administration never did that?

Those damning photos of children in ‘cages’ that was spread like wildfire a few short months ago were taken in 2014. And who was it that was President in 2014?

Yeppers, it’s the guy with No Legacy™. I’ve been trying to block it out, but he just won’t go away long enough for me to forget him.

The Obama administration did keep unaccompanied minors and children separated from the adults that brought them over the border in facilities that were fenced off and did, indeed look like cages.

But Hostin says that it’s totes kewl when Obama did it.

That’s a pretty weird position. If it’s morally wrong now, why wasn’t it morally wrong then? That’s the entire point of the National Review article.

Meghan McCain again steps in and says that Hostin’s position is bizarre.

MCCAIN: I think it’s strange to say that you don’t care that it was happening before…But I’m saying the coverage didn’t even mention that this has been going on since 2012.

Whoopi tried to shut her down, but she wasn’t having it.

Well, if you’re infuriated now, you should’ve been infuriated then,‘ McCain stated, ‘that’s all I’m saying.

Whoopi then says that it was ok that Obama did it because Trump’s rhetoric about ‘those people’ makes it wrong.

Uhhhh… okay…

McCain calls out her leftist colleagues on never admitting that the left ever gets anything wrong.

Whoopi and Behar then jump in. Behar calls it ‘Whataboutism’ for calling out the left and the Media (D) for not reporting on the Obama administration doing the same damned thing that the Trump administration is doing that is causing outrage in that same Media (D).

McCain says that it’s a fair question to ask why there is no outrage in one instance, but it’s ratcheted up to 11 in the other.

Whoopi then says that she’s ‘calling B.S. on that‘ and asks McCain if she wants to ‘finish the conversation‘ to which McCain replies, ‘yes‘ and the segment abruptly ends.


I’m beginning to think that The View is still on television just to be mocked. Where else could you find a panel full of so many obtuse knuckleheads?

My parents always told me, ‘All that you do, do with your might. Things done by halves are never done right.

I think perhaps these crones got the same advice.

Play to your strengths, girls!

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