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Hey Facebook: We Have Some Questions About Your ‘Tamper-Free’ Midterms

Facebook’s algorithm changes and ‘Great Purge’ were EITHER about ridding itself of illicit election influences or about actively suppressing one side to the benefit of the other.

This year was supposed to be different. Lessons learned from the runup to 2016, where social media was as important as TV ads and call centers changed the dynamics of elections.

Actually, you could say the same about 2012, but nobody seemed to mind that the data mining that was ‘evil’ and ‘intrusive’ when Cambridge Analytics did it was nothing short of ‘genius’ when Team Obama did it.

Trump’s election was different. Mostly, because he was a Republican. And Silicon Valley has no great love of Republican values.

There is no secret that Soros-funded Media Matters created a strategy — a ‘War Plan’, actually — to make sure what happened in 2016 would not happen again. (Check it out. Much of what they said they were going to do to advantage the left and suppress the right has been put into practice.)

Then came Facebook’s purge, only a month before the election.

Facebook & Media Matters Go FULL JIHAD Against Conservative Newsportals – Look At This BS

That purge disproportionately affected Conservative sites.

IF YOU ARE one of the 20 million potential voters that MoveOn, a progressive advocacy group, believes could help swing the midterm elections in Democrats’ favor, then chances are, over the next few days, you will see a MoveOn–sponsored ad in your Facebook news feed.

In the lead-up to the midterms, ordinary Americans made 2,500 of these videos for MoveOn. Now the organization has turned them into Facebook ads aimed at voters in 91 House races, ten Senate races, and ten gubernatorial races.1 Since their big advertising push began in late October, millions of people have seen these ads, making MoveOn the highest spender on political Facebook ads last week. But what makes these ads worth noting in a sea of millions isn’t just their scale. It’s the science behind them.

With these ads, MoveOn is trying to answer a key question in the age of social-media-driven politics: Can a Facebook ad really persuade people to go out and vote?

If the idea of using Facebook surveys for political modeling and ad targeting sounds familiar, it’s because MoveOn’s strategy does bear a slight resemblance to the strategy deployed by Cambridge Analytica in the run-up to the 2016 election.
Source: Wired

The biggest political advertiser on Facebook of the last week in October is the same one that began as an effort to make the public stop talking about Bill Clinton’s #MeToo problems.

That’s what ‘move on’ was a reference to. Stop talking about Bill doing “that” to the women in his life. It’s not really important.

(And yet, somehow, they pretend to be the moral voice of defending women’s issues today.)

Here’s a look at the overall political ad spending on Facebook.

Should a ‘special prosecutor’ have been looking into Silicon Valley collusion, instead of spinning their wheels in that Russian wild goose chase?

What do you think?

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