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LMAO: Obama & Oprah’s ‘Star Power’ Wasn’t So Awesome For Stacey Abrams

Celebrities came rushing in to help campaign for Stacey Abrams but it just didn’t work.

Just like in Tennessee, celebrity endorsement didn’t work in Georgia either.

Stacey Abrams faced off against Brian Kemp to become Governor of Georgia.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican, led Abrams with 51 per cent of the vote to her 48 per cent. The state’s election law calls for a runoff when no candidate wins an outright majority of votes.

If Kemp’s lead were 40,000 votes narrower, he would be beneath that threshold.

Just before the election, Obama went to Georgia to stump for Abrams.

Oprah was very excited about Abrams as a candidate and contacted her to help promote the candidate for Governor. Perhaps she was hoping to start the same kind of movement that propelled the Junior Senator from Illinois to the White House in 2008.

The thing is, Georgians weren’t keen on the policies of the far-left candidate. She said that she was for the Second Amendment, but wanted to ban AR-15s. Despite introducing a state bill to confiscate guns, she refused to answer a direct question on gun confiscation.

Her gun control policy is common for the extreme leftists like she is, but the weird thing is that she was endorsed by the Black Panthers, a group that was defined by political violence in the past.

Abrams faced an uphill battle against Kemp in the state that Trump won by five points in 2016.

She pulled out all the stops, with Winfrey and Obama campaigning for her in the same week.

Abrams little stunts might have played well on daytime television with the harpies on The View and their trained-seal audience but not so much at the polling station.

Watch Sunny Hostin say that she does things just because Oprah tells her to, and Ana Navarro, the fake Republican agrees:

Wow, way to admit to the entire world that you’re an unthinking zombie.

Hostin inadvertently admitted something else as well…

Abrams is a far-left candidate who said that the ‘Blue Wave’ was comprised of all sorts of people, including those that are ‘undocumented.’

Trump said that the celebrity endorsements were unlikely to get Abrams elected, and he turned out to be right. He said that Kemp was simply the best-suited candidate.

‘He studied for this job for a longtime. He will be a great executive, and he will keep Georgia on the path it is going, which is up,’ Trump told reporters as he left the White House en route to his campaign rally with Kemp on Sunday.

Trump reiterated his belief that Abrams, who would have become the first black, female governor in the nation’s history if she’d been victorious on Tuesday, is not fit for office.

‘If she gets in, Georgia goes backwards,’ Trump said. ‘If he gets in, Georgia goes forward.’

But, Abrams isn’t giving up, despite the loss.

Stacey Abrams refuses to concede and is promising a ‘do-over’ in the tight Georgia race:

‘Votes remain to be counted,’ Abrams said. ‘There are voices waiting to be heard. Across our state folks are opening up the dreams of voters in absentee ballots, and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach.’

Tens of thousands of absentee votes were mailed to Georgia election officials.

‘I promise you tonight we’re going to make sure that every vote is counted. Every single vote! Every vote’s getting counted!’ she said.

Source: Daily Mail


She’s still holding out hope that she’s going to win the majority of those absentee ballots.

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