Muslim Terrorist Kills Russell Crowe’s Long Time Friend – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2018

Here’s one Hollywood A-lister unlikely to ask ‘what did we do to make them hate us?’

A good and decent guy, with a love for life, was slaughtered by a murderous bastard killing strangers in the name of his religion.

Notice how we don’t even have to say which religion it was?

Sisto Malaspina, 74, was killed by a man who set fire to a truck laden with gas cylinders just outside Pellegrini’s café before stabbing him and two other people.

His business partner Nino Pangrazio confirmed to local newspaper The Age that he had been killed in the attack and said: “Many, many tears have been shed.”

Many of the popular cafe’s customers including Gladiator star Crowe paid tribute to Mr Malaspina who took over the restaurant with Mr Pangrazio in 1974.
Source: Standard

Russell Crowe knew Sisto Malaspina well and was deeply mourned by many.

One thing, though. “Mad man” isn’t exactly accurate.

Terrorism has been confirmed.

ISIS has taken credit.

Sisto was approaching the man, offering to help him. And that’s when he was murdered.

The suspect who has been named as Hassain Khalif Shire Ali, 30, launched his attack at 4.20pm on Friday.

He died of his gunshot injuries in hospital. Police confirmed it was terror-related and that the culprit was known to officers.

Police said Shire Ali’s Australian passport was cancelled in 2015 after an intelligence report that he planned to travel to Syria, but an assessment was made that while he had radical views, he posed no threat to national security.
Source: Standard

Will it require further innocent victims like Sisto, known to famous and influential liberal elites before they accept that militant Islam is a threat at least as dangerous to the public good as 1930s Nazism?

Or are they too wound up with buzzwords like ‘xenophobia’ to recognize the danger of people who literally wish we were dead, and think they’re doing God some sort of a favor by acting on that wish?

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