NFL Week 10: Divisional Picture Coming Into Focus …

Published on November 7, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

The divisional picture is crisping up like a ripe apple, as the cream rises and the trash settles. I’m done favoring the faithless Ravens, who can’t win games that matter, and Dallas should see Garrett ride out of town soon, if Jerry Jones’ grimace Monday night is any indicator. The Hue-less Browns cut their losses, and Denver, the Giants and Jacksonville may soon jettison their ineffectual head coaches as well. I went 9-4 this week, and stand at 74-42 for the season.

Here we go, Week 10.

Panthers at Steelers – Good matchup, Cam’s offense against Big Ben’s. Steel is tough at home, but I think Black Cats are lucky this week. Carolina.

Saints at Bengals – Christians eat the tigers this time. A strong Brees blows through Cincinnati.

Falcons at Browns – The headless Browns will not figure out how to ground the Falcons.

Lions at Bears – Chi-town puts a hurt on Motor City. Bears eat the Lions this time.

Cardinals at Chiefs – Mahomes at home and the Tyreek Streak defeat the Beaks.

Pats at Titans – The New England Patriots will thump the Tennessee Patriots. Bad.

Redskins at Bucs – Can Washington blitz the Fitz? They need to, for momentum. Skins in a tight one.

Bills at Jets – ZZzzzzz……. Oh, uh, Jets, cuz they’re home. Bowles is probably gone if they lose.

Jags at Colts – This was a no-brainer 7 weeks ago. Not now. Jax has to win, road or not. Marrone lives another week.

Chargers at Raiders – This isn’t the week the Raiders win one. Bolts deliver the jolts to the dolts.

Seahawks at Rams – Like the coffee beans in Seattle, the Seahawks get roasted this week.

Dolphins at Packers – Playoff hopes rest on this game, for both teams. GB holds Lambeau.

Cowboys at Eagles – Stick a fork in Dallas…they’re done. Eagles aren’t the turkeys here.

Giants at Niners – Monday Night is the big loser here. Mullins over Manning in a yawner.

Enjoy the games!


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