NFL Week Eleven Provides One of Best Contests of the Season

Published on November 15, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit’s Picks: Week 11

Leave it to whacky Week 10 to make me look silly. These mid-season anomalies like the Titans thumping my Patriots are inexplicable, but that’s football in 2018. I went a horrible 7-6 last week, and am 81-48 for the season. Here we go!

Packers at Seahawks – Which version of either team will show up for this one? I’m giving the Squawks the edge at home, by a feather.

Bengals at Ravens – I swore off Harbaugh’s carrion fowl, and I’m staying off. Bengals take a road victory.

Cowboys at Falcons – The Falcons are a so-so team with a good QB, so some weeks it works, some weeks it doesn’t. This week it works. Peaches over pistoleros.

Bucs at Giants – Eli gave the Giants that one good game he has in him this season in SF. This week he returns to normal, as Fitz gives the Jints fits. Bucs over Gotham.

Steelers at Jags – Steelers are going to run an I-beam through what’s left of the toothless Jags.

Texans at Redskins – Texans circle the wagons in this one and hold off the Redskins.

Titans at Colts – Vrabel the Able outschemed Belichick last week. This week Reich takes a hike. Tennessee tightens their position in the division.

Panthers at Lions – Carolina leaves the Silver & Blue black and blue. Panthers.

Broncos at Chargers – Broncos run into the Electric Fence in LA. Bolts hold the fold.

Raiders at Cards – Raiders take a hard run at securing the #1 draft spot again this week. Cards.

Eagles at Saints – The wingless Eagles will look more like turkeys after the Saints cook em.
Vikings at Bears – Fun game. I like the Vikes, but only just bearly.

Chiefs at Rams – Second greatest game of the year, after Saints/Rams. Monday Night finally gets a game that doesn’t put you to sleep. Chiefs show up the gaps in Rams vaunted defense.

Enjoy the games!


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