Social Media (D) Censorship: Twitter Bans Conservative Pundit And Iraq Veteran, Jesse Kelly For No Reason

Written by K. Walker on November 26, 2018

The Marine Corps veteran, former Congressional candidate, Senior Contributor at The Federalist, and host of ‘The Jesse Kelly Show’ had his Twitter account suspended and conservatives are outraged.

Jesse Kelly’s Twitter account was suddenly suspended and he received no reason why. He cannot appeal, and the decision is final.

It’s unclear what offensive tweets were that caused the ‘multiple violations’.

According to the Twitter ‘Range of Enforcement Options’ page, they are supposed to give Kelly a reason for the permanent ban by ‘explaining which policy or policies’ have been violated, or which content was in violation.

We take action at the account level if we determine that a person has violated the Twitter Rules in a particularly egregious way, or has repeatedly violated them even after receiving notifications from us.

The page further explains what happens when someone is permanently suspended.

Permanent suspension: This is our most severe enforcement action. Permanently suspending an account will remove it from global view, and the violator will not be allowed to create new accounts. When we permanently suspend an account, we notify people that they have been suspended for abuse violations, and explain which policy or policies they have violated and which content was in violation.

Violators can appeal permanent suspensions if they believe we made an error. They can do this through the platform interface or by filing a report. Upon appeal, if we find that a suspension is valid, we respond to the appeal with information on the policy that the account has violated.

But they didn’t do that in this case.

Other conservatives on Twitter that knew Kelly were quick to post updates.

Private companies do indeed have the right to do as they wish, but Twitter (and Facebook) have insisted that they are ‘neutral platforms’ and not publishers who make editorial decisions.

And yet, they continue to act like publishers disproportionately censoring conservatives.

Twitter has turned a blind eye to bigot, Louis Farrakhan, who is still active on the platform despite likening Jews to termites.

And the violent calls to action against President Trump:

And of course, the terrorist organization, Hamas has an active Twitter account:

The permanent suspension slapped on Kelly comes just days after Laura Loomer was suspended from the platform.

But they’re ‘neutral platforms’.

Kelly isn’t being quiet about it.

He wrote about his suspension in an article posted to The Federalist.

The American spirit of free speech has been replaced by people who want uncomfortable speech censored. Nowhere is this more apparent than the social media world.

As I have said before, social media is not a small thing. It is no longer three nerds with pocket protectors huddled in their dorm rooms dreaming about a day when a woman acknowledges their existence. Social media has surpassed the telephone. It is the means of networking and communicating with others: 2.5 billion people use Facebook and Twitter.

That is not a fringe thing that is going away. It has now become the way humans interact with each other. It is completely run by Silicon Valley leftists who know the power they hold. And they are using that power.

Censorship is a horrible thing, but it has one fatal flaw: It doesn’t work. Voices break out. They cannot be contained. Twitter banning me from their platform only hurts them in the long run. They’ll continue to marginalize themselves, and I will continue to grow.

Source: The Federalist

In his funny and insightful article, Kelly said that he seemed to be clairvoyant. And he’s right.

Watch Jesse Kelly on Tucker Carlson talking about ‘Big Tech’ Censorship in the wake of Alex Jones being shut out of all Social Media (D):

Conservatives are right to be outraged at the sudden and inexplicable permanent ban on Jesse Kelly.

When the ‘new townsquare’ is evicting one particular political voice while ignoring the malfeasance of their allies, it’s time for some intervention. I’d rather it be competition, but at this point, if it’s government intervention (of which I am no fan,) then so be it.

We cannot have people silenced for the ‘crime’ of being conservative.

Speaking of an alternative Social Media platform, check out MeWe.

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