Teacher Sanctioned For Refusing To Watch A Girl Undress In BOYS Locker Room

Written by Wes Walker on November 15, 2018

There WAS a time, not so long ago, that the gym teacher would be the HERO in this story.

What a difference a decade can make.

Remember when the ‘bathroom issue’ first came up, and everyone said ‘who is it going to hurt’?

Well, here’s your answer.

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It’s hurting people like this modest gym teacher, who has the decency not to look at an undressed teenage girl, who happens to call herself a ‘boy’.

According to a compliant letter from Liberty Counsel to Pasco County School District, the female student caught “boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl,” reports The Federalist.

Teachers and administrators were barred from speaking about the transgender policy, and when a male P.E. teacher refused to supervise the boys’ locker room with the female student, he was reprimanded and told he would be transferred to a different school:

“With a ‘gag order,’ school administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the Chasco Middle School locker room,” the letter says. When he refused to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” administrators told him “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.'”
Source: DailyWire

The adult male doesn’t want to see a middle-school girl undressing…

…and that’s a BAD thing?

In a system where we’ve got WAY too many teachers ‘getting busy’ with their students, (Examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) you’d think the school would throw a parade bragging about a teacher willing to take a stand for modesty.


We’ve officially gone through the looking glass. We would rather have adult male teachers looking at naked XX genitalia-bodied MIDDLE SCHOOL students than offend someone claiming they identify as a different gender.

Now that there are ‘dozens’ of genders, how many different changerooms are we supposed to provide and how do we decide who supervises children in a state of undress?

By the way, just because someone ‘identifies’ as the other gender, that doesn’t mean the people they find sexually attractive changes. It’s entirely possible that this girl-identifying-as-a-boy is attracted to dudes.

(It’s yet another complicating factor.)

And what drives this policy?

According to The Federalist, the Pasco County School District implemented to transgender policies (without informing parents) after they hired “LGBT liaison” Jackie Jackson-Dean. The school’s LGBT best practices guide, of which Jackson-Dean was the “primary author” of, indicates that “transgender pronouns, locker room, bathroom, dress code, and sports access are a student’s ‘right,'” the report says. Additionally, according to the LGBT liaison, “schools have an obligation to not disclose the student’s transgender status to other students or parents unless the student has provided explicit permission to do so.”
Source: DailyWire

This was pure politics.

And a good teacher could be canned over it.

Imagine for a minute if they’d implemented the policies of, some kind of a Priest or religious counselor on the ‘down-low’, behind parent’s backs.

Do you think the public would just shut up and take it then?

So what makes this different?

Oh right. This aggressive policy change is hiding behind victim status. Anyone who objects will be promptly demonized.

The Trumpinator: every time his rivals think they’ve got him down and out, he stands back up and keeps on coming.

They laughed when he announced his candidacy. They thought he was going to be some kind of a circus act.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

He survived the primaries and got the nomination. He knocked out Crooked Hillary.

He beat CNN at their own game, and their ratings are now circling the toilet.

Mueller and the Dossier aren’t just coming up empty, they’re exposing the misdeeds of Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and all the rest.

And Trump is still keeping promises, and getting things done.

The economy is doing exactly what he promised it would. #PromisesKept

And in 2020, The Trumpinator is gonna do it again.

He’ll be back.

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