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WATCH: Monica Lewinsky’s, ‘I Thought It Was Spinach Dip’ Remark, Is Gross And It’s A Keeper

She continued to wear ‘that’ dress at a party, not realizing it had the President’s DNA all over it.

The stain came from giving the President a hug.


It’s the most infamous stained dress in presidential history, but Monica Lewinsky says when she wore it after her widely chronicled hookup with President Bill Clinton, no one noticed.

“I went to dinner that night. None of these people said to me, ‘Hey, you’ve got to go to the bathroom, you’ve got stuff all over your dress,’” Lewinsky said in “The Clinton Affair,” a new A&E series.

She said she also didn’t spot the telltale semen stain that proved she and Clinton were more than just friends.

Lewinsky went into detail about the day the piece of evidence was created, as she continued to carry on a years-long relationship with Clinton in the early months of 1997, after he won re-election.
Source: NewYorkPost

A documentary called ‘The Clinton Affair’ was just released, featuring a never-before-seen interview with Monica Lewinsky, going into some of the particulars of the affair itself… including what led up to it, and what happened after.

She thought THE stain was … spinach dip.

It is a little hard to believe, though isn’t it?

If she thought it was just spinach dip… why didn’t she wash it?

According to the Starr report Lewinsky noticed stains on the garment the next time she took it from the closet. She surmised that the stains were the president’s semen, but she wasn’t sure. Deep in the footnotes of the Starr report is this fascinating tidbit:

According to her grand jury testimony, Lewinsky testified that she did not keep the soiled dress as a souvenir. She said she does not ordinarily clean her clothes until she is ready to wear them again She had dined out after meeting with the president, “[s]o it could be spinach dip or something.”
Source: CBS (1998)

The spinach reference, at least, is consistent.

But not cleaning clothes until she’s ready to wear them? That sounds a little sketchy, don’t you think? Especially since it was being kept at her mother’s house ‘for safekeeping’?

Do you ‘buy it’?

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