What is happening to the Church in America?

Written by Doug Giles on November 29, 2018

Does the Church today seem a little… anemic to anyone?

Suddenly it seems like we’re playing defence. That’s not who the Church has been historically.

Look at the impact of the lives of Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Knox, William Wilberforce, Hudson Taylor, Billy Graham, David Livingstone, William Booth, David Brainerd, DL Moody and William Carey to name a few.

And, aside from Wilberforce, that doesn’t even account for God-fearing men (and women) who WEREN’T preachers.

It leaves out Scientists, Artists, Philosophers, Musicians, Athletes, Explorers, Teachers, Politicians Activists, and Parents quietly living their lives while raising strong families.

The Church was a cultural powerhouse that shaped culture and helped elevate Western Civilization to the literal envy of the world.

The Church went from THAT, to the tame little kitten it has become today.

That’s exactly the question today’s show covers.

The Church, generally, is a shadow of what it used to be, and we can’t blame ‘the world’ for the decline.

If you’re ready for a real assessment of where exactly the church has gone off the rails, and what can be done to correct it, you’ve come to the right show.

With Doug doing his civic duty as part of a jury, Rich has a guest co-host for this one.

Rich and Shannon Kapp (guest pastor on this podcast while Doug is out) discuss the cannibalism of the American Church. The Church is literally destroying and devouring itself from within. This is a wild and raw look at the culture of modern American Christianity and what it has become.

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