Will Offense Continue to Reign in NFL Week 12?

Published on November 21, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Contributor

Pigskin Pundit Week 12

Week 11 gave me a bruising, with a humiliating 4-9 record! This is my single worst week of picks in the history of Pigskin Punditry. By this point each season, picking should be getting easier as teams vie for playoff rankings, not harder. The league has changed, with offense reigning supreme as seen by Monday Night’s 105-point, 1065-yard donnybrook. This is a sea change in the NFL that is not going away, changing the way games are evaluated. I’m still a respectable 85-57 for the season, at 60%. Here’s the look at this week.

Bears at Lions – This divisional battle has the top team looking to pull away, while the bottom team is seeking self-respect, all on the big stage of Turkey Day. Look for a close game, with the drumstick going to Chicago.
Redskins at Cowboys – Cowboys and Indians on the menu again, with first place in the division up for grabs, like Grandma’s cornbread stuffing. Mr. Smith went to Washington, but his leg is shattered and with it the Redskins’ playoff hopes. Cowboys ride to victory.
Falcons at Saints – Falcons will play the turkey in the Saints’ Thanksgiving pageant, carved up and stuffed. Brees gobbles more records this week.
Browns at Bengals – The Browns are one head coach away from contending. Some assembly required…but no one to read the instructions. Cincy takes the Battle of Ohio, for the umpteenth time.
49ers at Bucs – This week, Tampa Bay sits BOTH Fitzmagic and Jameis the Shameless, and brings Brad Johnson back! Pass the stolen crab legs… Niners find gold in Florida, of all places.
Jags at Bills – As much as the Jags have been more like empty pelts than ferocious cats this season, they will beat the snot out of the Bills. Dooo-val thumps Tonawanda this week.
Raiders at Ravens – I swore off the Harbirds a couple weeks ago, but I can’t pick the Faders to win in Baltimore. Ravens win, and Derek Carr and John Gruden fistfight on the sidelines. Delicious!
Seahawks at Panthers – This game pretty much decides which of these teams has playoff hopes, and which is just playing around. Panthers, just cuz they’re home.
Pats at Jets – The only reason I see for a big Pats’ win here is their history of responding well after a crap loss like the Titans’ debacle, and their bye week time to heal. Belichick Bowles Gang Green over.
Giants at Eagles – Eli “Whitney” Manning gins up another win, against the fumbling Philly fowls.
Cards at Chargers – LA must stay fully Charged to ensure a wild card berth, and the Cards should fall their way this week.
Dolphins at Colts – Frank has Indy moving in the Reich direction lately, with Luck on his side. Horseshoes fillet the ‘Phins.
Steelers at Broncos – Broncs showed some spirit last week in LA, but Pittsburgh is Steel the One. Big Ben busts the Broncs.
Packers at Vikings – Paying Kirk all that dough has been like kissing your Cousins this season, but the Purple People should have enough Norse force to send Green Bay packing.
Titans at Texans – Battle between the Texas Patriots and the Tennessee Patriots most certainly will go to Watts & Watson, as Houston tightens their lead over the Titans.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the games.


Image: CCO Creative Commons; https://pixabay.com/en/football-american-professional-nfl-622873/