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Clooney SLAMS Trump: Are The Clooneys Going To Take On The Trumps In 2020?

With Dem hopefuls dropping like flies, will Clooney become their dark horse favorite to challenge Trump?

A few Democrats who once thought to challenge the President in 2020 are already dead in the water.

Deval Patrick threw in the towel. As has the Creepy Porn Lawyer. The excitement around Oprah’s name has died down again. Hillary thinks she might take another shot, but now that her stranglehold on the levers of her party is gone, that’s a longshot.

Elizabeth Warren turned herself into 1:1024th of a punchline (albeit with high cheekbones). And Booker’s off somewhere, playing ‘Spartacus’.

Of those officially interested, plagiarist ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden and admirer of Venezuela, Bernie Sanders have been leading the pack.

It’s sad, really.

Does their team have anyone that will rise from the mess of humanity? ClashDaily’s Big Dawg Doug Giles has had a theory of his own for about a month now. And today’s Clooney story just might be evidence in his favor.

Amal Clooney accused President Trump of giving the ‘green light’ to autocratic regimes who jail and kill journalists after he named the American press the ‘enemy of the people’.

She made the accusation in a blistering speech at the United Nations Correspondents Association Awards in New York Wednesday night, where she said reporters around the world are ‘under attack’ from autocratic regimes including in North Korea, the Philippines, Hungary, Turkey, and Brazil.

She added: ‘The U.S. President has given such regimes a green light and labeled the press in this country the “enemy of the people”.
Source: DailyMail

Since her statement is ridiculously biased, leaving out the regimes that Trump HAS been tough on, and the atrocities his predecessor ignored for his greater goals, not to mention the larger geopolitical implications of the delicate balance of power and potentially strengthing the Russian sphere of influence in that region even more than they had under Obama, let’s skip ahead to why this may well be a preview of the 2020 race.

It’s a race that really would be a true challenge of Trump’s political savvy.

Clooney and Trump both have well-established Star Power.

Clooney and Trump both have a legitimate claim to being a ‘cultural icon’ in their own right.

Clooney is as well-established in his ‘Resist’ credentials, spouting Leftist talking points as Trump is for his own long-established positions on the key issues, and he’s given to all the ‘right’ causes.

He’s younger than most of the other Democrat field, and his ‘brand’ (rightly or wrongly) has been one of suave sophistication.

As for ‘no past political experience’, that hurdle was knocked down by no less than Donald Trump himself. (And, to a lesser extent, Obama.)

It is possible that the swamp creatures on the left would see him as a threat to their carefully-constructed pay-to-play system and might pile on him together, hoping to suck the life out of him. But the Primary process wouldn’t be asking THEM what they think, they’d be asking the public.

It’s too early to say for sure, obviously. But as far as political spit-balling goes, he’s far more dangerous than anyone they’ve put on the field yet.

And wouldn’t the bare-knuckle battle between an avowed Globalist and the America First President be one hell of a way to discover who we really are as a nation? To find out where, as a nation, our true priorities lie?

One way or another, it’s going to be a very interesting two years.

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