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Dick’s Embracing Of The Left’s Gun Control Blather Was A BAD Move – Massive Shutdowns Coming

Dicks serves as another warning for why people have been saying ‘Get Woke Go Broke’.

Ever since going political, their sales have been kind of … limp.

Just as the now-infamous school shooting in Florida was beginning its transition from “Horrific Crime against the Defenseless” to “Vehicle of the Left’s Political Agenda” Dick’s Sporting Goods made a decision.

Dick’s Sporting Goods made the decision to blame the tool rather than the killer or the many layers of protection that WOULD have disqualified the young killer from owning firearms in the first place.

That story — including their call for Congress to change gun laws — was described here: Major Gun Retailer To Stop Selling ‘Assault-Style Rifles’

Did kissing the activists’ ring help or hurt their cause?

It really depends on what their goal was. If they were trying to embolden the Gun Control crowd, mission accomplished. They made possible the activist careers of the David Hoggs of the world. But if they were looking to build their brand? It wasn’t such a great plan.

Their CEO, Edward Stack, made that decision. What’s happened since?

Sales dropped off, and they’re closing 35 stores in 18 states.

Back in March, Fortune went out if its way to say that it had nothing to do with their gun stance.

Only weeks after winning accolades from gun-control advocates for ending sales of assault rifles at its Field & Stream stores, Dick’s posted a deeper-than-expected sales decline. Its stock sank the most in four months Tuesday in the wake of the quarterly report, which reflected struggles with excess inventory and deep discounting.
Source: Fortune

But now, even the CEO is admitting the obvious. It WAS their gun sales that hurt them.

The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods told investors in September that gun-purchasing restrictions the company imposed earlier this year have negatively affected its sales to a point where it may be forced to close its Field & Stream outlets.

In remarks made to the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference and first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, CEO Edward Stack explained that the 3.9 percent decline in the company’s sales during the third quarter could be partially attributed to its ban on the sale of assault-style rifles and on the sale of all firearms to customers under 21 years old — both of which were implemented in the wake of the Parkland shooting in February.

…In addition to the firearm-purchasing restrictions, Dick’s also hired a number of Washington, D.C. lobbyists in May to advocate for more-stringent gun-control regulations. Taken together, the restrictions and the lobbying effort led the National Shooting Sports Foundation to expel Dick’s and caused a number of major gun manufacturers to sever ties with the retailer — developments that Stack admitted were detrimental to its third-quarter performance.
Source: National Review

Who could possibly have predicted that actively opposing your customers’ Constitutional Rights would make them shopping in your stores?

All of us.

We ALL predicted this.

What hard lesson did they learn? They learned (or should have) that we all have other places we can shop — customers, on the other hand, are harder to replace.

Attention is already turning to the big 2020 showdown. And — if those huge MAGA rallies were any indication — the President is ready.

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