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French Officials Don’t Like Trump Pointing Out To The French How Much Their Govt SUCKS

The same French Government that likes to take the occasional swipe at the President doesn’t like it when he returns the favor.

In fact, they get downright testy.

Maybe if they would stop running France into the ground, Trump wouldn’t have anything negative to say about them.

Macron, you may remember, made a speech shortly after Trump called himself a ‘Nationalist’ because of his commitment to putting US interests ahead of any Global interests.

He gave a speech on the 100th Anniversary of the English-speaking world coming to the rescue of France where he made sure to take a swipe at the very Americans that bled the ground red helping save their sorry asses for the first of two times in the 20th Century, to say nothing about the Marshall Plan.

There’s grace and gratitude for you.

Less than a month later, Paris was on fire. Because of protests reacting to their gas taxes.

Trump weighed in with a couple of tweets:

When Trump kept his promise to exit the ‘non-binding’ Paris Accord that Obama had no authority to enter into without Congress, Macron and other world leaders had no problem publicly criticizing Trump over it:

Immediately after her call to Trump, Merkel telephoned Macron, he said, and they agreed that “Germany and France will grasp at new initiatives in order to ensure the climate agreement is a success”.

In a televised address in French and English, Macron said that Trump had “committed an error for the interests of his country, his people and a mistake for the future of our planet”.

“I tell you firmly tonight: we will not renegotiate a less ambitious accord. There is no way,” said Macron. “Don’t be mistaken on climate: there is no plan B because there is no planet B.” Source: Guardian

But now that those same policies, being implemented, are enraging the Parisian citizens, suddenly criticizing other leaders is suddenly in poor taste.

Following the tweets, France’s Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, urged the president to refrain from getting involved in the country’s affairs.

“We do not take domestic American politics into account and we want that to be reciprocated,” he told LCI, a French television channel. “I say this to Donald Trump and the French president says it too: leave our nation be.”

Joachim Son-Forget, a member of the French National Assembly, also responded to Trump’s comments, tweeting that the president was suffering from “cerebral incontinence.”

Source: Huffpo

Sure, they can dish it out, but can’t take it.

And that’s somehow OUR problem? Don’t you people have more pressing matters to attend to than scapegoating someone on the other side of the Atlantic?

Maybe they’re all just pissy because some of those same protesters you keep locking up have been sending you a blunt message by chanting ‘We Want Trump‘!

Awwww…. Did we hurt you “little feewings”?

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Wes Walker

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