POWERFUL: Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Guide Talks Bears, God And Losing His Son In Ramadi

Written by Doug Giles on December 20, 2018

It’s a little bit of everything in this podcast. Wayne Woods shares some stories about big hunts in God’s country… including one hilariously embarrassing true story about his Alaskan bear hunt with our own Doug Giles.

You’ve got tributes to a life well lived — Woods’s late son — then a 23-year-old Marine in Ramadi. That includes how the teenage son’s invigorated faith inspired dad to step up his own, and the unexpected role the young marine’s faith played in his discovering the biggest enemy weapons cache we’d found up to that point.

They talk shop about the importance of spending time with relatives out there ‘beyond the concrete’, and how it’s a better investment of time and money than any overpriced trip to a theme park.

And as satisfying as it might be to go hunting for some whitetail… they even make the case why that big trip to Africa or Alaska the kind that will really give you ‘memory burn’ isn’t as big a financial jump as you might think.

But be warned… even by Warriors and Wildmen standards, this isn’t an ordinary podcast.

Listening to this one may carry some side effects… including a burning desire to get ‘out there’ beyond the concrete, cellphones, and crowds.

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