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The Left’s Poster Girl, Ocasio-Cortez, Claims Jesus Was A ‘Refugee’ – No, This Isn’t Satire

Wasn’t she passing herself off as a little bit Jewish just a couple of weeks ago? Make up your mind woman!

Democrats don’t seem to know what the heck they believe in. They backed a woman’s march that opposed Trump — only to realize it had some really ugly connections to Anti-Semitism, so now they’re backing away from it.

That was bad, sure. But, do you remember when Democrats BOOED GOD while voting their own 2012 party platform?

The majority of Americans believe in God, and yet the Democrats removed any mention of Him from their platform. It’s not that it was an oversight; it was a conscious effort since “God-given potential” was in the 2008 platform. When an attempt was made by Ted Strickland (D-OH) to reintroduce God, all hell broke loose. He was booed:
Source: Satan’s Found His Political Party – The Democrats!

The left thinks nothing of criticizing Christians any chance they get ‘Clinging to their Guns and Religion’, but as soon as they think they can leverage some aspect of the Christian religion to score a political point against their opponent, they don’t hesitate.

“Jesus”, we were told, “would bake gay cakes.” Right. Sure he would.

Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church at Age Six Over Abortion

They also spend a lot of time and energy opposing any public expression of historical Christian faith, even opposing crosses erected long ago in memory of those who died in service of the nation.

Their globalist counterparts in the UK was no better.
Cowards: Here’s Who Made The UK Turn Their Back On Persecuted Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi

Naturally, Ocasio-Cortez took her turn, using Christian belief to hammer her Open-Borders agenda. Notice the timestamp:

Merry Christmas everyone – here’s to a holiday filled with happiness, family, and love for all people. ????(Including refugee babies in mangers + their parents.)

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 25, 2018

And then she smugly posted an article to support her claim in order to own all the ‘anti-immigrant pundits’ who would dare question her assertion.

Unfortunately, Ocasio-Cortez must not have read it, because her claim that Jesus was a ‘refugee in a manger’ ie. when he went to Bethlehem, was completely refuted in hte article. The article doesn’t discuss the travel to Bethlehem for the Roman census, but rather the flight to Egypt after Jesus was born.

Eleven o’clock on Christmas morning, she’s taking a political snipe.

At the exact time when so many families were gathered in their homes, or at their Churches celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Ocasio-Cortez was celebrating her own religious passion: politics.

Hardest working Democrat, indeed. She’s even spouting talking points on Christmas morning.

The internet spanked her pretty solidly over this tweet. But the most satisfying of them all may have been a series of Christmas-related tweets by one Muslim Imam who is holding Islamic excesses to account and is desperately trying to reform Islam to accept more traditionally Western values about, among other things, the rights of the individual.

Since it’s an Imam saying this, none of the left’s usual tactics of dismissive contempt against White Christians even work.

He wasn’t done yet!

He retweeted this gem that specifically calls out Ocassio-Cortez:

And for the finishing blow — he tells her she should learn about tolerance.

Good luck digging your way out of that one.

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