WATCH: Liberal Snowflake Has Epic F-Bomb Laced MELTDOWN Over Bro’s MAGA Hat

Written by Wes Walker on December 30, 2018

This guy obviously never got the memo about ‘the customer always being right’.

We’ve often been told that the #resist crowd are the rational ones and the MAGA fans are ‘dangerous’ or even ‘unhinged’.

We have video evidence to the contrary.

Not only was the guy working the counter at the vape store ‘triggered’ by a customer wearing a MAGA hat and Trump shirt into the store, but he shrieked like a little girl and slapped at the ‘offending’ customer. Something could be heard clattering to the floor off camera after the slap.

This all went down at ‘Xhale City’ in Tucker, Georgia.

By contrast, the MAGA-supporting customer he was loosing his mind over kept the interaction entirely rational.

Ian Furgeson, 36, narrated his experience with an entirely rude store clerk when he went in to buy a cartridge of ‘Vape Juice’ for his wife.

“I have just been asked to leave the store. He greeted me, that was nice. I did find the item that I wanted and the next thing he said was he’d like me to leave.”

That’s the point at which the clerk took a slap at whatever Ian was holding. Said clerk threatened to call the police if he didn’t stop recording in his store.

Ian wasn’t buying it. He said, “that would be awesome. We could call Fox Five and all sorts of stuff. I would like to purchase something.”

Shmuck said he was going to call his boss. Ian said “please do”, because he would be calling corporate.

With a big grin on his face, he said he was looking forward to releasing this video, and that “I just want to purchase something from this store.”

The clerk started shouting obscenities in a voice so angry and shrill it scarcely seemed possible. Then he was heard rambling to his boss about how much he disliked the customer’s political shirt, injecting his rambling with words like racist and treason.

He had a respectful interaction with another customer — who happened to be black — while the Soyboy ranted to his boss.

“I just want good health care for my kids. I don’t have any problem with the color of your skin. Or yours. I’d LIKE to buy some of this (named a product) though…”

There’s some more back-and-forth. He starts chanting ‘leave the store’ with his intensity rising to a crescendo, and hits full-on three-year-old tantrums until Ian puts it in terms he can understand.

“If you sell it to me I WON’T call the police. What you DID was assaulted me. What I need is that for my wife. If you sell it to me, I won’t call the f*****g cops and press charges on you for assault. I won’t call corporate and get you fired. Just sell me the (expletive) product so I can leave.”

(Stop and think about the generous offer he just made here. Would any leftist offer to leave peaceably if he found a way out of an impasse like this? Or would he press charges whether he had a case or not?)

Grudgingly, Soyboy starts looking for the product, which he can’t even locate because he’s so emotionally worked up. Ian had to help him find it.

But then Ian narrated to his phone a phrase that reminded this clerk he was duty-bound to serve a paying customer whatever he thought of him… in terms that exploded his narrow little socialist mind.

“God Bless America. Capitalism wins again”

If you thought he was in full tantrum BEFORE Ian said that? You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

He literally chose to put his personal rage ahead of his job and the possibility of facing criminal charges.

You just KNOW that when you hear the words ‘Cuz you done upset me’ calmly spoken as a threat, you’ve just messed up. In a YUGE way.

Not only that, he schooled that tantruming dillweed about his poor manners to the OTHER customer who was ahead of him in line. Who SHOULD have been served first. You know… the black guy he was speaking to earlier, but had ignored so he could start a war with Ian.

Now who looks like the petty racist?

According to TMZ, the loser is now out of a job.

Furgeson eventually left empty-handed and posted the video to Facebook, which went viral. He later went on to say that someone at the company reached out to apologize and assured him the employee had been fired.

…The company reportedly put out a statement on the matter, saying it values its clients and treats them with respect and dignity … “regardless of their political views.”

Loser can’t say he wasn’t given an opportunity to do the right thing. He was just so damn consumed by hatred for Trump that there was no room in his noodle for a rational thought.

Dang, but these overgrown toddlers get tweaked easily. Imagine if they actually met the man himself? They’d soil their pull-ups.