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Bono: On Capitalism, He Wants It Both Ways

Which is it, Bono? Are you for or against the Capitalist system?

Bono’s one of those odd ducks who doesn’t quite fit in the usual neat categories.

He’s hard left on many of his policies (see Ireland’s recent abortion vote)– but some of the less politically-charged ones get him more bipartisan support — disease eradication and improving the lives of people in impoverished nations, for example.

With a net worth estimated somewhere around $600M, the capitalist system has treated him very well. He’s even admitted — to the chagrin of many social justice warrior-types, and the blossoming crop of proto-communists in the Democrat fringes — that Capitalism is sort of a good thing.

“Capitalism has taken more people out of poverty than any other ‘ism,’” he added. “But it is a wild beast that, if not tamed, can chew up a lot of people along the way.”

…“Whatever you feel about the NRA – and I don’t like them very much – they’re a very well-organized group and we want ONE to be the NRA for the world’s poor,” the “One” singer shared. “So the ONE campaign – if you’re getting in the way of legislation that will make lives easier for the world’s most vulnerable populations, we’re gonna find out where you live [and] we’re gonna camp outside your office.”
Source: DailyCaller

That seems a strange position for someone who paid $1500 for a plane ticket — for the hat he once left behind.

Money was no object for the Irishman, who arranged for a $150 (GBP100) taxi journey to GATWICK airport, before the trilby was placed in the cockpit of a BRITISH AIRWAYS flight, costing $663 (GBP442) – so it wouldn’t get squashed by any other passengers.

The final leg of the journey cost Bono another $225 (GBP150) in taxi fares – but he was relieved to receive the hat hours before the concert, which also featured Liza Minnelli and Eric Clapton.

A source explains, “Including $300 (GBP200) insurance and tips, he spent about $1,500 (GBP1,000) flying it out – but that’s nothing compared to the amount he’ll have raised on the night.
Source: ContactMusic

Speaking of hats… U2 has sued an ex-stylist over clothes, including a hat that the stylist claimed had been given to her. Such old hat: After 19 years, Bono goes to court to get his Stetson back

And since yachts have come up in conversation among the Democratic candidates, how do they feel about Bono’s $17M superyacht?

Best Celebrity Yachts: Bono

Unlike the tax-and-grab leftists, we at ClashDaily are all for millionaires and billionaires to become enormously successful — as Bono said, they tend to bring others up with them.

Capitalism itself doesn’t chew anyone up, but dishonest practices within it can. That’s a ‘human nature’ problem, not a ‘systemic’ one.

Just like not all multi-millionaires and billionaires are meddling social engineers, but some are.

As for all for the charitable work and generous causes various rich people support, keep ’em coming.

That is, insofar as it is actual charity work and not cynically undermining the political will of free citizens in favor of personal agendas, as we’ve seen Soros leveraging his wealth around the world.

The coercive social-justice-y part is exactly what the rest of us are not keen on.

Here’s what we wish Socialists, Protesters and all manner of finger-wagging schoolmarms could all figure out:

Bullying people either through government or through protest to comply to your vision of the future isn’t free or fair, it’s coercive and small.

If your sincerely-held grand vision is so wonderful, sell it like you do any of your other products; and like your products, people will support it or not of their own free will.

And getting governments to buy in with taxes does NOT count as ‘non-coercive’. Citizens are forced to pay that money or go to prison. There isn’t any ‘opt-out’ clause if they think your charity is full of crap.

For any of our readers with fond memories of U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ album, you’ll probably like this MAGA art piece:

It’s all the energy and the optimism of the 1980s recaptured for a new generation and the 80s were awesome!

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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