Dear ‘Media’: Why No Interest In The VILE Black Hebrews And Their Racism & Homophobia?

Written by Wes Walker on January 22, 2019

It had all the makings of a good old-fashioned media scandal, but for some reason, the media avoided it like the plague.

Imagine a much-hated activist group, maybe Westboro Baptist, picking a fight with a Native group and calling them savages.

Now imagine them turning on teenage kids who had the misfortune of standing nearby, hurling racial insults at them before calling them F-gg-ts, and the children of incest. Imagine them trying to whip up that hatred in other bystanders — including the Native group — by saying THOSE are the people you should hate.

Now imagine that encouragement caused a confrontation between the other two groups — at the National Capital — that became a national news event.

Do you think there would be ANY way they would ignore that part of the story?

Throw in a monologue about how women should know their place, for good measure. Could anyone POSSIBLY resist a story like that?

Are you kidding? We’d know every single lurid detail about that cult, right down to the last parking ticket or juicy rumor of infidelity within 90 minutes of the story breaking.

There WAS a story just like that, but they refused to touch it.

There’s even a ‘Cultural Appropriation’ angle, which the Left LOVES to talk about in any other situation. But this is one of those ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ situations.

The religious cult in question isn’t the now-mostly-defunct Westboro dumpster fire.

No, but they’re every bit as wholesome.

Much like Westboro, they are that wonderfully self-righteous hybrid of Carnival Barker and Angry SJW Protester.

This group calls itself the Black Hebrews.

But just like ‘Christian Science’ has nothing to do with either Christianity or Science, these Black Hebrews have nothing that actually marks them as Jewish or even Christian in their beliefs or behavior.

And if they’d like to play the same game Pocahontas did with the DNA test, they are more than welcome to try. It would be good for a laugh.

We’re guessing this is one DNA test that even Elizabeth Warren could win. We’re betting even she has a higher chance of having some trace of Jewish ancestry than this crowd of misfits and clowns. Which is a pretty good trick for someone who’s never claimed to be Jewish.

That checks off the ‘appropriation’ box in the Leftist scorecard.

And you know that ‘Native Vietnam Veteran’ with the drum (?) that the Media(D) got so worked up over this weekend? His group appears in this story.

The ‘Black Hebrews’ (this one happened to say he’s Puerto Rican) are shouting the ‘Truth of the Holy Bible’.

At the :48 second mark, he’s Blasting Native Indians over their improper religious practices. “You’re not supposed to worship Eagles, Buffalo, (inaudible), all kinds of animals. This is the reason why the Lord took away your land.”

If ANY other person said those words around a Leftist in ANY other context, you would see someone cutting to commercial, or yelling about racism, bigotry, and religious expression, they would flip their lid.

But in this story?

Forget it, they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

He’s not done.

“We’re from here. We’re natives too. My people are so-called Puerto Ricans, we are from the tribe of Ephraim’

Then he tells her that’s her nationality. She’s “not” Indian, Indian means ‘savage’ he says … to a native woman.

Then he tries to build bridges between his group and the natives, by saying they have a common enemy. He turns the attention to those ‘pompous bastards over there wearing the Make America Great Again hats’.

‘Why you not angry at them?’

Then he turns the camera on himself (2:25) and says “this is the problem Israel, there’s always our women coming around with they (sic) loud mouth, thinking they can run and bogart things, thinking they can come and distract things with their loud-ass mouth cus they not used to dealing with no real men. And you think we supposed to bow down to you damn emotions when you come an you run your mouth and distract what we doin, instead of coming wi’ order”

Then he yelled at a woman calling her something that sounded like ‘a $5 Indian” and then called her a ‘fake’ and not a child of God.

Then he had the audacity of accusing HER of trying to take HIS culture.

“Culture-Vulture.” “Blue-eyed demon.”

Get the sense that we’re dealing with a real ‘winner’ here?

At about 4:15 he started calling the ‘crackers’ to come over into the ‘Lions Den’.

The speaker started threatening children when he “You dirty-ass crackers, your day coming”.

Even the black guys hanging out with the schoolkids were being called ‘little Kanye N*****s’.

“Simple C**n- yays.”

(Said in a way that it would sound like Kanye)

They walked right up to the kids and started insulting them at about the 5:15 mark.

They tell the Hispanics and Negros that they have no business calling themselves a Roman Catholic. (Like anyone asked THEIR permission in the matter)

Tries to pick a fight with a black man for not agreeing with them that his REAL fight ought to be with the ‘racist-ass crackas’ behind him… calls him Uncle Tom.

Peckerwoods (7:05) … walks right up to the teens, arms’ length away filming their faces saying ‘look at all these dusty-ass crackers’… Big ‘man’ brags that he intimidated them enough that they walked away at 7:28… look like they about to shoot up a school right now 7:30… you owe reparations 7:45… biggest terrorists are white 8:05… calls divine curses on their families 8:14… calls them incest babies 8:24… (at about 9 min mark they’ve had enough abuse and start drowing it out with pep cheers)…. he says they have lice… calls them goddam dog…

Kid takes off shirt to lead cheer…
‘put a bra on’ 9:36

(That’s “body-shaming”, isn’t it, feminists?)

Other clips had sexual slurs in there too. F****t, for example.

And what did Nathan Phillips, the drummer, claim he was doing with his drum?

CNN: What did it feel like that you were witnessing?
Phillips: Oh, what I was witnessing was just hate? Racism? Well, hate. What I’m saying is that when these folks came there, these other folks were saying their piece, and these others they got offended with it because they were both just expressing their own views. And if it’s racism, that’s what it was because the folks that were having their moment there, they were saying things that I don’t know if I agreed with them or not, but some of it was educational, and it was truth, and it was history about religious views and ideologies, but these other folks, the young students, they couldn’t see it. They had one point of view, it seemed, and that was that their point of view was the only point of view that was worthwhile. And that’s now what I was feeling.
Source: CNN [emphais added]

I, for one, would be interested to know which of these ‘Black Hebrew’ views he agrees with.

Their misogyny? Their criticisms of his ancestral religion? Indian meaning ‘savage’? Bragging that you could intimidate a class of fifteen-year-old kids? Fat-shaming a kid? Accusing them of being the products of incest?

Which is it?

Or is it the unchecked hatred toward white people who vote the ‘wrong’ way.

Sorry, bro. You can’t brag about defending people’s freedom as a vet and hate them for exercising it the ‘wrong’ way. The whole point of freedom is that some other jackwagon doesn’t get to tell you how to exercise it. Not even if he (may have) served in Vietnam.