DISGUSTING: Virginia Democrats’ Late-Term Abortion Bill And The Governor’s Defense Of Infanticide

Written by K. Walker on January 31, 2019

A video of a Virginia lawmaker defending a bill that would allow abortion right up to the moment of birth has gone viral. And then it got REALLY disturbing.

Baby-killing seems to be all the rage in state legislatures these days. The Party of Moloch has been busy ensuring that the rights of the unborn are subservient to the convenience of the woman housing them. Vermont is pushing to eliminate all rights of the unborn and allow abortion all the way through 40 weeks. In New York, where there is no death penalty, they celebrated the rights of women to have control of their own bodies by expelling an inconvenient innocent body from her womb by lighting up the Freedom Tower pink. An interesting choice since gender-selective abortions disproportionally target female fetuses.

Of course, you don’t say those kinds of things out loud — you couch abortion in relation to ‘healthcare’ and ‘women’s rights.’

But when you get right down to it, the issue is a simple one: life or no life. You can’t really hedge around that.

It’s not just blue states that are pushing the abortion bills, Virginia pushed a rather radical abortion bill.

Del. Kathy Tran(D-Fairfax) sponsored a bill that would allow abortion in the state of Virginia up to 40 weeks. As she was questioned on the details of the bill, she said that a woman, in consultation with her doctor, could terminate a pregnancy for her mental well-being, even if it was just moments before the child was born.

Watch as House Majority Leader, Todd Gilbert(R-Shenandoah) asks her what her bill would permit:

That’s utterly disgusting.

Incidentally, the Daily Caller has reported that Del. Kathy Tran introduced another bill on the same day as the late-term abortion bill. This one was to — get this — protect the lives of fall cankerworms in certain months. 

Virginia Democrats have called it a ‘smear’ and accused Virginia Republicans of ‘misrepresenting’ the issue.

I don’t understand what could possibly be considered a smear. She put forward two bills — one to allow abortion of a fully developed baby, and the other to protect the lives of cankerworms. Del. Tran, who was lauded for breastfeeding her daughter on the floor of the legislature, with the pair of bills presented on the same day appears to value the lives of cankerworms more than a baby right before the moment of birth.

So, in order to clarify, Governor Ralph Northam(D), a former pediatric neurologist(!), decided to clarify things.

Did he just say that the child would be delivered and made ‘comfortable’ and then the decision would be made?

Isn’t that infanticide?

If it’s just a nonviable clump of cells, why does the child need to be made ‘comfortable’? Just toss it in a bucket, my dude. No controversy there.

So-called ‘moderate’ Gov. Northam was called out on Twitter by some blue-checkmark conservative accounts, who were literally just quoting him, and he didn’t take kindly to that.

Nah, bruh. What’s shameful and disgusting is that you actually believe that infanticide is ok.

You said the quiet things out loud and got called out for it.

The bill which would have allowed abortion up to the moment of birth was defended by anti-life activists by saying that late-term abortions (after 20 weeks) were only when the baby was deformed or non-viable, or would put the health of the mother at risk. A pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute study from 2013 actually reveals that most abortions that are done after 20 weeks gestation are done for convenience.

Results: Women aged 20–24 were more likely than those aged 25–34 to have a later abortion (odds ratio, 2.7), and women who discovered their pregnancy before eight weeks’ gestation were less likely than others to do so (0.1). Later abortion recipients experienced logistical delays (e.g., difficulty finding a provider and raising funds for the procedure and travel costs), which compounded other delays in receiving care. Most women seeking later abortion fit at least one of five profiles: They were raising children alone, were depressed or using illicit substances, were in conflict with a male partner or experiencing domestic violence, had trouble deciding and then had access problems, or were young and nulliparous.

Source: Guttmacher Institute Study, 2013 (Emphasis Added)

Federal Republicans have denounced the shockingly anti-life stance of some Democrats in the Virginia legislature. Sen. Ben Sasse said, ‘This is morally repugnant. In just a few years, pro-abortion zealots went from ‘safe, legal, and rare’ to ‘keep the newborns comfortable while the doctor debates infanticide.’ I don’t care what party you’re from — if you can’t say that it’s wrong to leave babies to die after birth, get the hell out of public office.(Emphasis added.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham(R-SC) told Sean Hannity that he is putting forward a bill that would limit abortion after 20 weeks. (Before you start crapping on Sen. Graham, it really is a good start rather than having unfettered abortion like the paragons of virtue, North Korea and China.)

“Only seven nations in the entire world allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks. They’re talking about abortion during the actual birthing,” said Graham.

“My bill says unless the life of the mother’s at stake, a result of rape or incest, you can’t have abortion on demand in the fifth month. Most Americans would be fine with that,” he added.

Source: Hannity

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin weighed in:

The mic drop goes to the Virginia Republicans:

Honorable mention:

Gov. Northam is doubling down. He doesn’t regret what he said, and he is now playing the victim. It’s just disgusting the way he’s being treated for saying infanticide is a reasonable option, apparently.

So, serious question — if this is how he, as a physician handled his patients, should there be an inquiry into his professional conduct? If he’s totes kewl with letting an infant born alive lie there until the parents and the doctor decide on whether or not the child should live — I’m just saying that maybe, just maybe there’s a violation of ethics there.

Fortunately, the bill failed to pass in the legislature, but the controversy continues.

And now, the co-sponsor of the bill is running from it faster than a cockroach when the light is turned on. Del. Dawn Adams(D-Richmond), a Nurse Practitioner, sent a newsletter to her constituents on Wednesday apologizing for failing to exercise her ‘due diligence’ by not reading the bill closely enough before co-sponsoring it.

Remember, kiddies, Trump Derangement Syndrome can find you sharing a bed with the most horrendous of people. For example, Bill Kristol, former conservative, has thrown his money at Northam to ‘own the cons’. Well done, Billy-boy. Your dad would be so proud, I’m sure. Irving Kristol, Bill’s dad, famously said that a neoconservative is a liberal that has been mugged by reality’. I guess a Never-Trumper is a conservative that has been afflicted with Media(D) Stockholm Syndrome.

That guy that Bill Kristol thought was so morally unfit for the Presidency and therefore would never vote for, tweeted his thoughts:

Yeah, I’m sticking with the not killing babies, lower taxes, and enforcing the law, thanks.

Breitbart’s campus reporter summed it up nicely:

Democrats are panicking. President Trump has named two Supreme Court Justices in just two years. Let’s be frank for a second, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is really getting up there in years and has been quite ill this past year. I do hope that Justice Ginsburg recovers and is able to put a stop to the silly conspiracy theories that she’s in hiding or actually dead and the Dems are keeping it under wraps until after 2020. Good grief, there is no possible way that a secret that huge could ever be kept in Washington! However, I do love that some members of the Media(D) are looking down their nose at the burgeoning conspiracy theory when CNN’s Brian Stelter did the same damned thing when First Lady Melania Trump was recovering from minor surgery for just a few days. RBG was last seen in public on December 6.

The Democrats know that if President Trump gets another Supreme Court nominee, it will alter the makeup of the court for decades, and they fear that a more conservative Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. (It really should.) If Roe was overturned, it would shunt the issue back to the states where it actually belongs. States are attempting to be proactive in enshrining the right to abortion all the way until birth.

If we don’t stand up for the unborn, who will?

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