Documentary Claims Michael Jackson Staged Mock Weddings For BOYS He Was Raping

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2019

Michael Jackson witnesses/sex abuse victims coming off very credible. It’s so sexually explicit that counselors are in the lobby,’ wrote Mara Reinstein of US Weekly.

The “King Of Pop’s” creepy relationship with young boys was one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollyweird.

The Neverland Ranch gained a reputation of Heffner’s Grotto, only with young boys — a reputation he vehemently denied. But the accusations lingered.

We’ve heard about him plying kids with alcohol.

We’ve heard about the kiddie porn.

Now there’s a documentary being filmed claiming that it got even weirder than what we’ve heard to date.

How could it POSSIBLY get any weirder, you ask?

How about staging Mock weddings with the visiting boys.

Mock Weddings???

How far gone does one have to be before a young lad can get suckered into a twisted game like that with MJ?

Pretty damn far. That’s where the allegations of grooming come in to play in the new Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’.

The explosive four-hour film, which had its world premiere on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, accuses The King of Pop of even staging a mock wedding complete with vows and a diamond ring with one boy, critics say.

‘Among the many, many disturbing revelations of #LeavingNverland: MJ gave one of his young male victims jewelry in exchange for sexual acts, and even staged a mock wedding complete with vows and diamond ring,’ wrote Patrick Ryan of USA Today.

‘Many common parallels in victims’ stories: MJ grooming them to hate their parents and women in general, saying God brought them together, eventually ‘casting them out’ for younger boys. ‘There was a lot of jealousy and hurt. You were no longer special.”

The film focuses on the accounts of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who have long claimed that they were raped and molested by the singer at his Neverland Ranch.

Jackson denied all allegations that he abused underage boys during his lifetime, and his estate has done the same in the decade since his death.
Source: Daily Mail

The four-hour film covers the account of two men — Wade Robson and James Safechuck –who had been assaulted by Michael Jackson when they were still boys.

Both men go into graphic and specific detail about what allegedly happened in Jackson’s bedroom when they were just children, with both men claiming they were abused from approximately the age of 7 until they were 14.

…Eugene Hernandez, the Deputy Director at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, also provided some details, writing: ‘Halfway thru the doc, which in its 1st half graphically details Michael Jackson sexual abuse of Robson & Safechuck, I wondered why it needed 2 more hours… but in its 2nd half it reveals the journey of the victims to be able to talk about it.’

He weighed in after the film as well, writing: ‘This is deeply moving exploration of abuse from perspective of its victims/families. Overall well-shaped & constructed. Raises so many difficult questions abt parental roles, celebrity, secrets, fame, enabling behavior & abuse. Topics that could fill a 4 hour follow-up.’
Source: DailyMail

As disgusting as the Hollywood casting couch can be, at least it involves adults who can give or withhold consent.

With Michael Jackson, we’re talking about kids as young as SEVEN being exploited for sex — and worse — being turned against the only people they could turn to for help. Their parents.

People who object to a Just God sending people to hell suddenly don’t mind so much when it’s a guy like this who never paid a price for what he’s done in the here-and-now.

All the wealth and fame in the world won’t help him where he’s gone to since.

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