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Muslim Congresswoman Wears Hijab On House Floor And Is Sworn In On The Koran

The Left is celebrating this as some kind of an enormous milestone for American history.

Two Muslim women — each wearing ancestral clothing — took their respective oaths on the Koran. Omar used her late grandfather’s Koran, while Tlaib used the same Koran that Keith Ellison used when he took his oath of office. (Although they’d likely prefer we gloss over the domestic abuse allegations Ellison has been facing.)

One woman, Palestinian Rashida Tlaib, is already doing her very best to make Mad Maxine look measured and sane. She’s dropping f-bombs in public speeches and demanding Trump’s immediate impeachment.

The other woman, Ilhan Omar, was sworn in while wearing a Hijab.

On Thursday, Omar, standing next to her father in a congressional office building, told CNN that their arrival at the airport was a “very emotional moment.”
“As we exited our planes, we realized that him and I had not returned (to) that same airport since the day we first landed here as refugees,” she said.
“It’s a very — really overwhelming and emotional time for us,” Omar added. “I don’t think — as my dad said, he had high hopes for us about the opportunities we would have when we came to this country. But I don’t think he imagined that some day his baby would be going to Congress just 20 years after we arrived here.”
Omar’s father told CNN that “it was amazing” to see his daughter elected to Congress.

Her’s really is one of those stories that underscores just what an amazing land of opportunity America really can be. Twenty-three years after landing here while fleeing from violence in Somalia, she’s here helping draft legislation.

But one thing she said leaves us wondering:

She’s looking to ‘lift bans’.

That might simply be a dishonest dig at Trump’s executive order about which failed states we should be reluctant to receive visitors from. Or… it could be interpreted as an interest in furthering more of that ‘Fundamental change’ to America Obama was talking about.

We want people who like America for who and what she is… as that beacon of opportunity that lets one-time refugees (or their children) get elected to Congress, or — in Ted Cruz’s case — the runner-up for his party’s Presidential candidate.

People wonder why we view Islam differently than say, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish or almost any other religious tradition. It’s simple: Islam has no provision for a ‘church and state’ type division of powers. It’s also a triumphalist/supremacist religion, whose view of the close of history includes a scene of Muslims killing Jewish people who are hiding behind trees.

Just yesterday, we covered a story about a DOCTOR who studied in America who had written some shockingly anti-Jewish statements… including a ‘meh’ reaction to the Holocaust.

So when we see people pushing policies like the anti-Israel BDM movement, we get suspicious.

Even political centrist Jordan Peterson made the case for why we should consider carefully the impact of importing large numbers of people from parts of the world that do not have a successful track record of running themselves well or ascribing to our understanding of basic human rights.

This is America. Any citizen can get elected to represent America. Just don’t try to turn America into something it’s not.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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