Note To Young White Patriotic High School Males: The Left & Their ‘Media’ HATES You

Written by Wes Walker on January 22, 2019

The Media(D) has long since given up being neutral parties in reporting events of the day. They’ve become activists, and heaven help you if you wind up playing the villain in their story.

There is absolutely ZERO reason the Covington School kids should have been a national news story.

It was a case of some crackpot religious race hustlers heckling unsuspecting teenage students sightseeing at the Lincoln Memorial. They happened to be sporting MAGA hats — which now serves as a lightning rod for morons wanting to tell the world how arrogant they are.

Then a septuagenarian activist native Drummer with a chip on his shoulder stepped in, got right in their faces while pounding his drum– but didn’t manage to provoke a reaction.

In the normal world, that’s where the story begins and ends.

In the normal world, it never amounts to anything more than “you’ll never guess the weird thing that happened to me when I went to DC…”

Before long, it’s not even remembered by the people it happened to.

But the Drummer had a camera and a complicit media. Before long it was proof positive that Trump supporters are — wait for it — bigots!

What. A. Suprise.

Almost like the media (which has so overused the phrase ‘conservatives pounce’ that it’s become a meme) is predictable and pushing an agenda or something.

By the way… be ready for this:


Now, where were we? Oh, yes…

Turning a non-troversy into a media circus.

The cast of characters involved some particularly vile, bellicose, and foul-mouthed cultists… a aging native American professional activists with a history of crying ‘racist’… and some unsuspecting schoolkids waiting for a bus after showing up for the March For Life, who, after doing some sightseeing are waiting to rendezvous with their group and the bus to take them back home.

Guess who gets to be the villains in this story?

The one group who did NOT approach the other two to engage with them… the high school kids.

Why would the Media(D) — together with a lot of bandwagon jumpers on the right — push a story that was so damning of children and whipped Social Media into such a feeding frenzy that authorities closed their high school several days afterward for fear of plausible danger to the students and staff?

Simple: they WANTED the Pro-life Catholic Trump Supporters to be the embodiment of evil… and their own confirmation bias LET them believe it to be true on the flimsiest of evidence.

They slandered good people.

If anyone is wondering why the media gets called out as the ‘enemy of the people’ ask the authorities who had to close down the Kentucky school if the media performed a ‘public service with this story? Ask the family who had a wedding disrupted because a kid who wasn’t even there was ‘doxxed’ and the family threatened and harassed on the wedding day of that same kid’s brother.

Is that a ‘service’ to the country? Or is that whipping up anger and division where it has no reason to exist? And is it driven by a desire to uncover the truth, or was it driven by the same thing that caused the discredited Buzzfeed Story to explode across the news and social media for a day or so until Muellers’ team had to shut it down… unvarnished hatred for Trump and his supporters?

Much of the Media(D) has joined the Democrats in buying into the zero-sum intersectional politics us-and-them oppressor-and-oppressed. The victims in those stories can keep changing, but the oppressors?

With amazing consistency, the ‘oppressors’ look a lot like those innocent kids who just spent a weekend going through the media wringer.

Word is, defamation lawsuits are coming.

Good. With any luck, the awards will be big enough to make people think twice about waging campaigns of personal destruction like this one any time soon.

In the meantime, the Media(D) will keep looking for their next oppressor… uh… ‘news story.

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