Topless Women Demand 18yr Old Muslim Girl Be Given Asylum From Her Kooky Folks

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2019

™Women were baring their tatas for a cause — but don’t you DARE objectify women, or claim that women are different than men.

Ok, ladies. Pick a lane here. You can’t have it both ways.

Either it’s perfectly fine to leverage your sexuality or it’s not. Is that beneath you and demeaning, or no?

In Sydney, Australia, some young women doffed their tops for the greater good. (Whether any male passers-by actually read the signs is a whole other story. We’re guessing most didn’t look up long enough to notice.)

What cause were they supporting? It was actually a pretty good one, over all. But they sure picked a weird way to do it.

A young woman (18years old) was fleeing from her family in Saudi Arabia, and feared she would be killed by her own family if forced to return home. She’s Muslim — or at least, she WAS.

A Saudi teenager fleeing alleged family abuse arrived in Canada Saturday as an asylum refugee after a harrowing journey in which she was almost forcibly deported back home while changing planes in Thailand.

At one point, 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun had barricaded herself in an airport hotel in Bangkok to avoid being taken by Thai authorities.

She stirred worldwide sympathy by tweeting about her plight during the week-long ordeal, prompting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to declare that she was fleeing alleged family abuse and was in a dangerous situation.

The teenage said she feared her family would kill her because she renounced Islam.
Source: USAToday

It makes you wonder whether these same topless protesters stop to consider that what the woman they are advocating for is fleeing Islam, and how VERY politically incorret it would be of these same women to explicitly protest the mistreatment of women within Islam — mistreatment like what Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun is fleeing from.

The fact that a young woman who renounced Islam would fear being killed by her own family and was at the center of an internationally-recognized refugee claim should give leftists who casually throw around the word ‘Islamophibia’ pause.

Rahaf herself — an ‘apostate’ Muslim — was legitimately afraid of Islam. Afraid for her life.

And she required international aid to save her life.

The experts on the Left can spin this all they want, it was Islam she was afraid of.

We’re glad Ms. Alqunun made it to safety, and we hope this will free us up to have an honest conversation about the Religion of Peace™.

Oh, for anyone wondering whether she was just fleeing her crazy family, how did her native Saudi Arabia react to this story?

They PUNISHED Canada for not returning the woman to the relatives that were planning to kill her for her apostasy.

The Saudi government responded by freezing all Saudi air flights to Toronto, suspending bilateral trade deals and cancelling scholarships for thousands of Saudi students in Canada.
Source: USAToday

So, they’re not IRAN, but…

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