A Fundamentally Transformed America… And Not In A Good Way

Written by Larry Usoff on February 4, 2019

Looking at almost any form of the media today, television, radio, print or the so-called “social networks”, it strikes me as though there are two distinctly different Americas. Now, that’s not an original thought with me, it’s been said by many people and many of them a whole lot smarter than I, but it’s true nevertheless. The people with whom I would stand are either close to my age or just a decade younger. We know, and appreciate what this country has done, not just for itself but for the world. It’s no brag when someone says that we saved the world by winning World War Two and, to be sure, we didn’t do it alone. Back then the enemy was “over there” and we didn’t want them here. We fought them, we beat them and then we helped them to reestablish themselves in the world. As far as I can tell, we didn’t conquer and keep anything…but I could be wrong on that.

What would one consider to be a prime example of the divisiveness in the country today? Let’s look at a couple of things. The previous administration, which I think was an eight-year crime spree, somehow inoculated half the population with a virus that caused them to hate just about everything for which this country is known. There’s marches for just about everything and some of them are downright confusing because they contradict themselves. The lefty loonies say there are more than two genders, but have a march for women. In some places, you’re not allowed to call a person a woman or a man… instead some idiotic substitute word, which doesn’t mean anything, is used… but the restrooms are still for MEN or WOMEN. The group using the initials LGBT and whatever else they can stick on there, are all for allowing more Muslims into the country, never understanding that, if their wishes were followed, they would be tossed off the highest buildings around because Muslims HATE homosexuals! Of course the “bacha boys” are excused from that, as are the users of those boys. Don’t know about that? Check it out.

Anybody remember Bowe Bergdahl? He seems to have faded into oblivion, which is where he belongs, but what has the Army done with him?

He was traded for five high-echelon Taliban and what did we get? Nothing.

President Hussein had his parents in the Rose Garden and greeted them like they were really the parents of a hero, instead of a zero. There was even an Arabic saying spoken in that “presentation” and my guess is that it wasn’t complimentary to America either. The other one, Bradley-who-became-Chelsea Manning was PARDONED by Hussein. That’s the same Hussein who said he was going to shut down Guantanamo prison. Probably because too many of his buddies were showing up there! It baffles me that we continue to house prisoners in Gitmo that are too low in the hierarchy to have any decent information to give out. Why not interrogate them in the beginning, decide whether or not they have any good information and, if they don’t, try them and execute them.

Now let’s take a look at what should be obvious, but the lefty loonies either can’t or won’t understand it. No matter what, if a gun is used in a homicide, be it a single or mass shooting, the anti-gun crowd is up in arms in the blink of an eye and, of course, they want to further restrict private ownership of guns, somehow. Never mind that real-life situations have shown that if a person is hell-bent on mayhem they will use whatever weapon is at hand, and I’ll go out on a limb and say that the vast majority of privately-owned guns are safely out of easy reach for the criminal, but not for the owner of those guns. By definition “criminal” means committing a crime and stealing a gun is a crime. Now comes the anti-gunner shouting that guns are too easy to get, especially at gun shows. Not so. I’ve bought a couple of guns at gun shows and you STILL have to fill out a form, and if you’re not a CCW holder, you wait the three days. Even the Department of Justice(DOJ) found that the vast majority of gun-armed criminals serving time obtained their guns on the street or via other means. The nationwide survey of 1.37 million inmates at the state and federal level, conducted in 2016, found that about a third said they possessed or carried a firearm while committing their crime. Of those 256,400 prisoners, some 43 percent said they obtained their guns from illicit “street” sources such as other criminals, often by bartering stolen goods or drugs. The next leading source, about 25 percent, came as gifts or purchases from friends or family members. About 6 percent were able to receive their guns through theft.

When it came to retail sources such as gun shows, flea markets, firearm stores, and pawn shops, only about 10 percent said they were able to obtain their weapons from such outlets through purchases or trades. Of those, the majority reported that a background check was conducted as part of the sale, although in many cases they did not purchase it under their own name.

Parting shot: People USING guns kill people. The guns do nothing by themselves, ever!

Larry Usoff
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net