Hey COEXISTERS: This Islamic Rule Allowed Woman To Be Raped By Two In-Laws… When’s Your Protest?

Written by Wes Walker on February 7, 2019

Remember, the multi-cultis tell us that no culture is better than another… right?

If we don’t begin by explaining a couple of terms, this story won’t make any sense at all.

First, triple talaq. In Islam, this is the practice of instituting an instant divorce by repeating a specific phrase three times.

Second, nikah-halala (or halala) this is a little more complicated:

In Islam, ‘halala’ is a term that finds its roots in ‘halal’ that translates to something that is permissible, and therefore ‘lawful’. In context of marriage then, it means that a divorced woman can become ‘halal’ (lawful) for her husband again after nikah halala is complete.

Islam dictates that a Muslim man has the liberty to divorce and remarry the same woman twice. However, if he decides to dissolve the marriage for the third time, he can only remarry the same woman if she first marries another man, consummates the marriage, and only if the man dies or willingly asks for divorce, can the woman go back to her first husband and remarry him.
Source: Indian Express

So, it’s super-easy to get rid of your wife because she burned the toast or whatever, and then she’s gotta get boned by some other dude before it’s ok to take her back?

Alrighty then. Now that we’ve established the rules of the game the people in this story are playing under, we can proceed.

There was a court case in India whose names were not made public for reasons that will shortly become obvious.

In 2009, she was married to her Muslim husband. Her family even provided a dowry, according to local customs.

The marriage began well, but after 2 years, she had borne him no children. That’s when things changed.

They started calling her sterile and would keep her without food for several days. Beating up my sister over petty things had been a routine. On several occasions, my sister faced sexual abuse by her husband. — Source Times Of India

Her husband divorced her for the first time in 2011.

Her family begged him to reconsider. He agreed, IF she agreed to nikah halala. She refused, but the (ex) husband refused to take no for an answer.

“When my sister refused to undergo ‘halala’, her in-laws forcibly administered sedative injection on her and completed the ritual with her father-in-law. For next 10 days, the elderly man raped my sister and gave her triple talaq so that she could remarry her husband. But in January 2017, he again divorced my sister and then the family started pressing her to undergo ‘halala’ with her husband’s younger brother,” she said. It was then that the family moved to family court for maintenance. [Financial support]
Source Times Of India

So, will we be hearing any outrage from the folks who can barely bring themselves to speak ill of Female Genital Mutilation? Or will they dismiss it altogether?

Diversity is our strength, they say. Is THIS part of that diversity?