Mueller’s Unconscionable Conduct: A Call to Political Arms

Written by John Milkovich on February 5, 2019

On June 25, 1876, General George Armstrong Custer, led federal troops on a downhill charge into a sleeping encampment of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians on the banks of the Little Big Horn River in Southeastern Montana. Custer, bent on massacre, did not envision that this band of Native Americans, on the way to the Northwest to avoid conflict with government forces, would rouse, and arise to protect their lives, their families and their freedoms.

Robert Mueller is the tip of the spear for the Deep State, Globalist, Establishment Insiders’ assault on Donald Trump. This assault is motivated not by real or imagined crimes, but by President Trump’s fierce advocacy for American sovereignty, and independence from Globalist agendas. Mueller’s onslaught, ultimately, is not against the Presidency–– but against the freedom of Americans. Like Custer looking down the slopes overlooking the Little Big Horn, Mueller has miscalculated that we will not arise to defend our freedom.

After getting our nation back to God, and stopping the genocidal scourge of abortion, there is arguably no greater national priority than repulsing Mueller’s “slow motion coup” against the Presidency. It is time to demand accountability of Mueller, whose career in the DOJ and FBI demonstrates that he is a chronic, political operative:

1. Mueller led the investigation of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 that cost 270 lives. Mueller whitewashed the crimes of those responsible: terrorist Ahmed Jibril, Syrian drug lord Monsour al-Kassar, corrupt CIA officials. U.S. Army Major Charles McKee had taken that flight so he could blow the whistle on the CIA’s protection of al-Kassar’s Syrian drug ring that was trafficking heroin into America. While Mueller gave Jibril, al-Kassar and the involved CIA officials a pass for mass murder, he scapegoated two Libyan Officers unconnected to the crime. Such is the Mueller method: persecute the innocent, let the guilty go free.

2. Mueller was brought in by President Bush 41 to sweep the evidence under the rug in the BCCI scandal, and ensure international bankers got away with a slap on the wrist for financing terrorism, drug trafficking, and illegal arms sales.

3. Mueller was appointed by President George W. Bush to head the FBI one week before 9-11. Days after the attack, Mueller helped fly Saudis and bin Ladens out of America, so that they could not be questioned. Mueller sent federal “minders” to intimidate witnesses at hearings about 9-11. He secluded from questioning, a paid FBI informant who aided two of the hijackers in America. He promoted and rewarded federal agents who kept silent. He punished, demoted or forced out whistleblower agents who warned of 9-11, tried to prevent it, or attempted to investigate it afterward.

4. Mueller’s investigation into post 9-11Anthrax mailings, spuriously targeted Dr. Bruce Ivins, who lacked the capability–– and any motive–– to produce the highly-weaponized, chemically altered anthrax used in the attacks. Mueller let the culpable laboratory off the hook. The FBI Agent assigned to the Investigation, filed a whistleblower suit, asserting that the FBI sabotaged the investigation, and buried evidence that cleared Ivins. Dr. Ivins died just as Mueller’s fabricated allegation was slated to face public and judicial scrutiny. Ivins’s death was officially deemed a suicide.

5. Mueller told Congress, under oath, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He thus advanced the falsehood that helped launch America into the War in Iraq, which has cost the lives of over 4,500 American Soldiers, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and over $1.6 trillion.

6. Mueller lobbied Congress for the dismantling of the Fourth Amendment, and for an endless night of government spying. The American government is now a Surveillance State, like Red China, which monitors, captures and stores the digital and telephonic conversations of hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens.

7. Mueller’s feigned concern over “Russian Collusion” is a false flag operation. The real “Russian Collusion” was the Clintons’ help in transferring 20% of America’s uranium to Russian interests–– while then FBI Director Robert Mueller stood down.

Over time, the hallmarks of a Mueller operation emerge. The Innocent are persecuted; the Guilty go free. Victims of atrocity go without Justice. Lives are shattered, liberty undermined, the Rule of Law subverted. When Deep State Insiders need a political fix, Robert Mueller can be reliably counted on. To dissimulate, deceive and shred the Constitution.

Robert Mueller’s onslaught is ultimately directed at the freedom of Americans, who reject his globalist vision of a New World Order. And Mueller has underestimated the people. Like the Sioux and Cheyenne on the banks of the Little Big Horn, Americans will awaken and arise to defend their freedom.

History will record whether Louisiana’s Congressional delegation, at this time of constitutional crisis, at this crossroads of American history, on this battlefield for freedom–– Stood Up–– or stood by.

John Milkovich is a member of the Louisiana Senate and the Author of Robert Mueller–– Errand Boy for the New World Order.

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