Fake News Fail: Leftist Website Slams Pats As Racists, Pats Player Hailed For An Ethnic ‘First’

Written by Wes Walker on February 6, 2019

Like all the other MAGA is Racist lines the Media(D) have been feeding us, the ‘White Nationalists’ Pats line was a load of Crap.

For one thing, a quick flip through the gallery photos of their 53 player roster would make you think that maybe — just maybe — there’s something more important than melanin content in your skin that determines whether you make the cut on their team or not.

Maybe skill, size, athleticism, drive, grit and a thousand other subtle characteristics that make the difference between a major league player and a true champion.

But that iconic red hat was like waving a cape at a bull.

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The Radical left just can’t help themselves. They HAVE to rage against it.

The Leftist ‘Daily Beast’ site was no exception.

And in the process, instead of dunking on Team MAGA, they ‘owned’ themselves.

They took time in an article to proclaim the Patriots as ‘the preferred team’ of White nationalists. Why? Oh, there was no evidence. Just the usual slander.

If you support Trump, you’re racist, like he supposedly is. Guilt by association. It used to be a logical fallacy. Now it’s de rigueur news.

Funny thing about that ‘White Nationalism’, it was just as baseless as all the claims that Trump is racist.

Hat tip to Dave Rubin for pointing this little gem out.

We’ll include a better view of the pictures as the story unfolds.

First, the photo on the left.

Trump’s critics forget that he regularly pisses off real racists for his strong support of Israel — even his own daughter converted to Judaism.

And the Patriots? Their Super Bowl MVP just became the first Jewish player to receive that award.

That’ll mess with the White Nationalist narrative won’t it?

Sorry that another White Supremacist witchhunt turned out to be a false alarm. Team Trump obviously needs some remedial lessons on how to be a proper racist.

If you really want to find some racist icons, instead of looking for MAGA hats, the Daily Beast should find out who Governor Northam cheers for.

It’s no guarantee, but hey, it can’t be any LESS accurate than demonizing every bro in a MAGA hat from Alaska to the Florida Keys.

Remember, a whole slew of public figures jumped to these same conclusions about the Covington kids. And now they’ve got to lawyer up… in a hurry.

WATCH: Covington Kids’ Lawyer Launches A Video That The Left Should FEAR

It’s all the energy and the optimism of the 1980s recaptured for a new generation and the 80s were awesome!

Music was kick-ass. Movies were fun. The sky was the limit under the Reagan economy. There was a spirit of energy and optimism that’s difficult to describe to anyone who wasn’t part of it.

Eventually, it all petered out and faded into memory. Then Trump came along, cranked up the tunes and got America Rocking again!

He plowed through the endless #Resistance and has put the nation Back on Track.

If you want to celebrate the MAGA movement with a copy of this art for your wall, there are a variety of sizes and price points for you to choose from.

Trump’s been hard at work Putting America First and Making America Great Again.

And he’s having a helluva time while he’s doing it. Energy, Optimism and a belief that America — and her people — really ARE great!

It’s what we should EXPECT of our leaders, isn’t it? Here’s a painting depicting EXACTLY why we WILL see “Four More Years”.

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