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This Is It: Let’s End Abortion

As most of you know I spent my early life as a high school coach. Football was where I really hung my hat, but during my three decade long career at various times I also directed the baseball team and the girls basketball team. As Jim McKay so famously described on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, I understand “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and the human drama of athletic competition.”

Along life’s journey, through hundreds of games and thousands of individual plays, most coaches develop a sixth sense in regards to the game that is unfolding before them on the field of play. I learned early on that the most important moment in a football game was often unnoticed by the fans observing the game from the bleachers.

Sometimes it was in the first quarter of the game. Often it was after half-time, and at times it came down to the final play of the game. But whenever it occurred most coaches had the feeling in their gut that “this is it.” The entire outcome of the game was resting on the next play.

The momentum was about to shift. The worm was about to turn. The entire game was hinging on what was about to happen at that particular moment in time.

I remember hundreds of those moments during my career. In fact, I still can replay some of those make or break plays during my career when you could point to a specific moment and say, “the whole game changed right there.”

Well my gut tells me once again that THIS IS IT!

In 1984 I was the head girl’s basketball coach at Heath High School in Heath, Ohio. Our undefeated team was boarding the bus to play our arch rivals for the league championship showdown. Once the girls were seated, and before the wheels on the bus began to go round and round I stood in front of the bus and played the Kenny Logins song, This Is It. ( Listen ).

“Are you gonna wait for a sign, a miracle? Stand up and fight! This is it. Make no mistake where you are. You’re going no further, until it’s over and done. One way or another.”

Over and done. One way or another. That’s where we are my friends. This is it. Stand up and fight.

There is nothing that has brought as much calamity upon the American people as the scourge of abortion. For forty-six years the American church has sat passively on the sidelines while little humans created in the image of God have been ripped from the wombs of their mommies. Nothing in all of history compares to a supposedly civilized society sacrificing their children on the altar of selfishness.

The entire abortion debate has been built on foundation of lies that can no longer withstand the light of truth. EVERYTHING that keeps abortion available is a lie. EVERYTHING. To wit:

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) never had an abortion. She was never raped as alleged in the court proceedings. The baby is not part of a woman’s body. Killing a baby is not healthcare. Abortion is murder and can never be legal. The child is not just a blob of tissues. No one has the legal right to kill another person. There is a right to life but no right to take a life. Children conceived in rape are no less human than those who are not. Wanted babies are no less worthy of life than unwanted babies. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

All reasons to abort are lies. Filthy lies. None of the excuses hold up under any logical or moral scrutiny. Even the name of the procedure…CHOICE…is a lie. No one has the right to choose death for another.

Just this month the abortion ghouls have come out of the closet. The blood thirsty demons have taken off their masks. As if we didn’t before, we now know that abortion is not about women’s healthcare, but about the avoidance of consequences. No abortion is ever necessary. For over 46 years we have let them get away with the lies. Even the 1973 science was a lie.

Courts do not make laws. A Supreme Court decision does not automatically become the “law of the land.” They just tell us it that is law. Abortion has never been under the purview of the Federal Courts. Healthcare is regulated by the states, not the Feds. The truth is finally starting to come out.

The Godless left has used the courts, SCOTUS especially, to cram their Godless agenda down the throats of the undereducated American people. They now suddenly realize that they have lost control of SCOTUS as their legal battering ram and so that are scurrying to codify abortion into State law. The legal fiction that SCOTUS has the final say is finally being exposed.

This is it, folks. NOW is the time to go on the offense. God has given the American church a short window of time to rise up and put an end to baby murder. President Trump has proven himself to be the most vocal pro-life President in American history. “Ripping babies out of the womb” is not OK with him. He stands exposed for the entire world to see waiting for an “AMEN” from the American Christian Church.

Ending abortion is not the job of the President. It is time we stopped waiting on him to do what Jesus mandated to His Church. Abortion will end when Christians say it will end.

It is time for Christians to step up to the plate. We have been given a short window of opportunity to be obedient to the Lord’s mandate. The American Church is being weighed in a balance. Will we answer the call? Will we move into the gap? Will we walk through the breach that the enemy has exposed?

The Supreme Court cannot make law. That pretended legislation is being exposed. The abortion battle is moving to the States. Let’s not miss this moment.

THIS IS IT! It is time to end abortion. We can do it one State at a time.

Dave Daubenmire

Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.