VIDEO: Dem Blames Trump For VA’s Blackface BS – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on February 11, 2019

Being a Democrat means never having to be responsible for your own mistakes. Can they REALLY throw Trump under the bus for Northam’s thirty-some-odd-year-old Blackface photos?

Nanette Barragan (D-CA) was certainly going to try.

To her credit, even her fellow Democrat Nina Turner wasn’t letting her get away with dropping that steaming pile.

“I mean, the race issue in today’s day and age with the president at the helm who has been one of the most divisive presidents and, frankly, racist himself, is a conversation we do need to have,” Barragan said. “And we can’t forget about the person who is dividing us and who himself is injecting this into the country to live up again and coming out again. We haven’t seen it be this bad in recent time until the president has really made this a race issue whether it’s about African-Americans, certainly he’s doing it all over the board with immigrants, but we need to have this conversation.”

Turner exploded on Barragan over her comments.

“Jake, I cannot. I just can’t. 1984, 1980, Gucci just a few days ago,” Turner responded. “This is not about President Donald Trump. This is about racism in the United States of America. Congresswoman, I hear you, but on this, we’re not blaming President Trump.”

“I am not going to continue to let politicians use this man as the excuse to deal with racism in this country,” Turner continued. “So no more about this — these three men. It had nothing to do with President Trump. What Lieutenant Governor Fairfax is going through don’t have nothing to do with President Trump. Northam wearing blackface don’t have nothing to do with Donald Trump.”

And — as you can imagine — it only got MORE colorful from there.

Finally, people are starting to talk about PERSONAL responsibility for their choices again. If we can have more of this, and less of the demonizing of people by groups, maybe we can actually get back to discussing ISSUES again and not just people. You know, the way a Constitutional Republic was supposed to work in the first place.

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