WATCH: PayPal Buddies Up With Anti-Christian Group To BAN Conservatives

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2019

Remember the activist that wanted to slaughter people in the Family Research Council with a knapsack full of Chick Fil A? These guys helped the shooter pick his target.

The SPLC named the FRC a ‘hate group’, and like an idiot, the shooter believed them.

You know, while AOC talks about the arrest of some whackjob who had her name on a hit list, zealots on her side have actually shed blood.

Scalia and Rand Paul could tell you about it. Giffords could too, but since her attacker was schizophrenic it would be difficult to chalk that one up as a partisan hit.

The SPLC is a Leftist darling that labels anyone who isn’t Left of Lenin and who doesn’t agree with all the latest identity politics labels as a ‘hate group’. And when people believe these partisan hacks, that’s a dangerous step down the road to political censorship that would have impressed even Stalin.

This won’t be the first time they’ve helped discredit right-of-center groups for political reasons.

The CEO of PayPal has revealed the multi-billion dollar service partners with the leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to decide who should be blacklisted from their company. Using “company corporate values” as their defense, PayPal has taken intentional steps to deny access to conservatives.

It’s all a big cause for concern for Christians because the SPLC has taken an anti-Christian slant in recent years, targeting mainstream groups just because they hold biblical views about sexuality and life. CBN News has reported extensively on the SPLC’s radical agenda to silence conservative Christian groups like D. James Kennedy Ministries and the Family Research Council.

“There are those both on the right and left that help us. Southern Poverty Law Center has brought things,” PayPal’s Dan Schulman said in a Wall Street Journal interview. “We don’t always agree. We have our debates with them. We are very respectful with everyone coming in. We will do the examination carefully. We’ll talk when we don’t agree with a finding: We understand why you think that way, but it still goes into the realm of free speech for us.”
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Who the hell made groups like them the arbiter of Truth? This is the Inquisition all over again, this time, it’s the Secular Inquisition.

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Where’s the Hate? SPLC Slanders Another Pro-Family Group

The SPLC is very good at raising money.
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And they somehow managed to get named to the short list of ‘fact-checkers’ being used by Silicon Valley giants to weed out conservative voices ‘fake news’ and ‘hate groups’.

The words in strikeout are much closer to the reality of it.

What happens to the groups tagged as ‘hate’?

They get targeted for further action. Here’s an example:

The PURGE: Well Respected Pro-Life Website Gets BOOTED From Its Web Hosting Company

They get squeezed out of the public square, until there’s nobody left to criticize them.

It has LITERALLY been the plan of shutting up the Right all along. Read it for yourself. You’ve heard of Media Matters, haven’t you?


Is SPLC the voice of moral authority? Hardly.

Hey Feminists: Can We Talk About What Your Beloved SPLC Founder Did With His Stepdaughter?

Then we need to push back on all the power they’re weilding to shut down half the national converation. If we don’t, that ‘Civil War’ plan of theirs of co-opting culture won’t have anyone left with an online voice to oppose it.

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