Your Handy Guide To Understanding Liberal Doublespeak

Written by John DeGroff on February 21, 2019

My original intention with this installment was to focus on one particular bit of doublespeak that liberals always use — the “we need to have a conversation” dreck that you always hear when they know we can see right through their B.S. to their true agenda. But in the process of making my notes and paying close attention to what I’ve been reading and seeing the mainstream propagandists spew, I realize the entire concept of Liberalspeak is worthy of an entire book. For starters, though, I want to touch on just three specific areas where Liberalspeak is most often used.

The “we need to have a conversation” line is pure B.S. The first time I heard this, I thought, “Oh, you mean THE conversation…?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you know. The one where the Daddy has a seed and the Mommy has a Frederick’s Of Hollywood catalog and a credit card, and then…”

“NO, NO, NO….not THAT conversation!”


No, instead of a conversation that, depending on your perspective, is either mildly amusing, disgusting, or just plain boring, in Liberalspeak “conversation” has only one definition. It means: “Sit down, shut up, and listen to a lecture from one of your betters. You’re not fully compliant with the agenda and we need to help you change that.”

If liberals ever get totally in charge, their concentration camps for us deplorables will probably have a sign above the entrance that says “We Need To Have A Conversation”. This would be similar to the Arbeit Macht Frei (work sets you free) sign at the entrance to Auschwitz.

We’re not going to let that happen. But according to the libtards, just because they lost an election, “democracy is threatened”. This is my second point. Democracy is somehow only threatened when liberals lose. Somehow it always involves something like a dangling chad (…back to the “conversation” again? ah…no), voter fraud, voter suppression because proper ID’s are required, etc., etc. And they always need a recount. Election recounts demanded by Democrats are becoming the equivalent of an adult do-over. They rank right up there with participation trophies, safe spaces and bicycle helmets.

If you had the stomach to actually listen to the Dems rebuttal to the President’s State Of The Union address, given by failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, you probably walked away believing in alternative universes. It was that surreal. Accordingly, the sky is falling, Armageddon is upon us and life as we know it will cease to exist because the Dems are not in power. Remember, it’s all Trump’s fault.

The last nugget of Liberalspeak that I want to mention briefly is this: “That’s not who we are.”

Think about that piece of semantic weirdness for a second. It’s a combination of virtue signaling and shaming. You could have made a drinking game out of this saying during the B. Hussein Obama administration.

We could go into great detail here, but can’t due to space limitations. Just start paying attention to the situations and context in which you hear liberals use this phrase. It seems to be most often connected to whatever group du jour of politically correct, protected “victims” the libs are trying to shield from responsibility and the rule of law.

How many times has this Liberalspeak been invoked during the border crisis? No, this is not who America is. We’re obviously not willing to protect ourselves from an invading force of thousands. No, that’s not who we are.

In closing, consider this. Liberals bask in their own hypocrisy without knowing about it. If they do, they don’t care. Ask any open borders advocate if they lock their house when they leave for the day. If the answer is yes, and it probably will be, anything else they say beyond this point is meaningless. The next time a lib wins an election, even locally, let’s start shouting how threatened democracy has suddenly become.

Let’s have that “conversation” with any and all liberals that we can. A war of words will be a lot better than the other kind…but that’s up to them.

Start paying attention to Liberalspeak…it’s real.

John DeGroff
John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.