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BOOM: Covington HS Student Sues CNN For $275M For Lying Their @SS Off About Him

CNN’s wait is over. They now know what the Covington kids’ lawyer is doing about their role in the fracas.

They were so cock-sure that the MAGA-hat wearing white guys were ‘evil’ that they didn’t bother to fact-check their own story. That mistake could cost them $275 Million.

That pompous ad series they ran about bananas is about to come back and bite them in the ass.

“Lies can become truth, if you let them. Facts first.”

If only CNN had listened to their own advice. It could have saved them a boatload of money… and the needless harm to the reputation of some teenage Catholic schoolboys.

But why WOULD they fact-check their information? They’ve already convinced themselves that Trump is a ‘proven’ racist and that MAGA hats are tacit approval of that supposed racism… which, in their mind makes anyone wearing one a defacto ‘racist’.

In case you missed it, Scott Adams took the time to show just what an obvious, malicious, and demonstrable lie the “fine people” slander that ‘proves’ Trump’s alleged racism was in the first place in a video included below the story.

He uses the full context of the same ‘controversial’ Press Conference to prove it.

But because CNN’s talking heads were already working from those malicious assumptions of racism, it was easier to (just as groundlessly) paint his supporters with that same brush.

Truth be damned.

After all, the PartisanPress are quick to jump on any topic maligning white people as unfair, racist, or ‘privileged’, and men as similar scourges to society with their ‘patriarchy’ and ‘toxic masculinity’.

Add a bunch of souvenier MAGA hats to a crowd of white males having some sort of a terse interaction with people who AREN’T white, and they don’t even have to ASK the question about intent. That script is written for them. They already KNOW who the good guys and bad guys in this story are.

(Except they didn’t.)

Add a (bogus) claim that the students had uttered those hated words ‘Build the Wall’ and the case was all but closed.

CNN was a leader in the media dog-pile with all kinds of vicious, unfounded, and easily-disproven claims against some fifteen and sixteen-year-old boys.

They didn’t ‘wait for more information’. They didn’t fact-check. They didn’t even get the other side of the story. Nope… no time for that. When there’s blood in the water, it’s a media feeding frenzy. Gotta snag those clicks before someone else does.

(By Contrast, here at ClashDaily, we waited until that Monday before weighing in, and we analyzed the video and the wider context… you know, the thing that a ‘reputable’ news source was supposed to have done. Who’s the REAL bogus news slinger here?)

Check it out if you’d like. Just the events as they unfolded — without the drama:Nick Sandmann, The Covington HS Student From Lincoln Memorial Viral Video, Speaks Out

Because CNN ‘went bananas’ with their fake news hatchet-job on a kid, they’re now facing a lawsuit even bigger than WaPo’s.

The complaint said CNN, a division of Turner Broadcasting System Inc-owned Warner Media LLC, aired four “defamatory” broadcasts and nine online articles falsely accusing Sandmann, 16, and his classmates of “engaging in racist conduct.”

“The CNN accusations are totally and unequivocally false, and CNN would have known them to be untrue had it undertaken any reasonable efforts to verify their accuracy before publication,” the complaint said.

A CNN spokeswoman said the network declined to comment.

A private investigation firm commissioned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington in Park Hills, Kentucky, to review the incident concluded last month that there was no evidence the students provoked a confrontation.

Instead, the report found that the teenagers were met at the Lincoln Memorial by offensive statements directed at them by several African-American protesters from a group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites.
Source: Reuters

Which is exactly what we said in the piece we ran that Monday.

If you — or someone you know — thinks CNN is a credible source and not a partisan hit squad, have a look at the video we promised, debunking that ‘very fine people’ slander against our President.

Maybe a suit of $275 Million will help give CNN some wisdom, discretion and professionalism.

Or maybe they’re such a group of worthless blowhards that they have passed the point of no return.

Either way, it’s obvious to all that CNN SUCKS.

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