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Fake News For The Left Had No Consequences, But Is That About To Change?

Democrats have had a free pass, keeping them protected politically and legally against all those injured by the fake news reported by left-leaning media outlets. I can no longer call these people “the press” because they are not reporting the news. They manufacture a story and have no accountability for their incompetent, if not criminal actions. More often than not, no action is taken against “the press” for breaking libel laws.

James Baker, former General Counsel for the FBI, said that Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted because of her breach of national security. As is well known, she used her private email server to transmit and receive official national security documents, both classified and non-classified, while serving as Secretary of State. She was never prosecuted, yet General Michael Flynn pled guilty and was convicted of lying to the FBI, even though some FBI investigators thought he didn’t lie.

His life was destroyed when he was pressured into admitting to a crime he didn’t commit. His personal wealth was wiped out. Democrats have collected many Monopoly “get out of jail free” cards, while Republicans have cards that say “go directly to jail, do not pass go, and do not collect any money.

If “the press” suffers no legal ramifications or other consequences for their actions, then I believe they will continue to ratchet things up as they did for the actions of Jussie Smollett. Based on his lies, it looks like he will be tried on class 4 felonies, not including the actual loss of human resources used to help those in danger in Chicago. We now have Lefts who came out in support of his original account saying what he did was good for the cause, even if he lied. The Chicago chief of police is under attack for charging Smollett with filing a false claim, among other charges. Some mothers of children killed in shootings in Chicago are angry with Smollett and the chief for taking detectives away from trying to find the murderers of their children.

Crucial to me as a potential example of a free pass being taken away is the case of Nick Sandmann of Covington, Kentucky and the Washington Post. You will recall his smiling face as the Indian protestor came nearer and nearer to him. His lawyer, L Lin, has brought a libel suit against the Washington Post for $250,000,000, and has promised more lawsuits to come. Could this 16-year old white male provide encouragement and backbone for more people to file suits in the future? One could hope for more Republicans growing spines. Left-leaning politicians and celebrities who are angry with President Trump may find themselves digging deeper into their pockets to pay for their rush to judgment calls. In some cases, because of their egos, these hotshots are unwilling even to admit they were wrong.

I think this is a crucial moment, especially if Lin follows through with other suits. If he does not follow through, the Left can deal with the Washington Post being sued and take it in stride. However, should on-air people and other newspaper writers, editors, and publishers be sued, things will change.

Nick Sandmann, regardless of the Washington Post suit and its outcome, will be forever marked in all social media for the rest of his life. Reporters do not seem to understand or care that what they put on the air or in a newspaper is on social media forever. When Nick starts the college application process, and the college or university admissions department gets his application, they will go to the Internet to see if there is anything derogatory about him. The Internet is covered with negative stories about him, and if some of those people who have convicted him recant their stories, their original statements will still be with him for the rest of his life.

The Left doesn’t seem to care about the damage that their false statements make about a person, and that the words will never go away. Perhaps if enough people who have been damaged stand up and fight back and file suits, we can bring some accountability and order to the reporting of the news.

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