It’s Science: Scans Show Difference Between Male and Female Brains — In Utero!

Written by Wes Walker on March 27, 2019

Uh-oh… Bad news for the gender-is-a-social-construct crowd.

This will stick a spoke in the wheel of a certain activist group. They have noticed some distinct differences in the scans between girl babies and boy babies while still in utero.

We already knew about the testosterone wash that changes the corpus callosum of male babies in utero. But this study went a lot further.

The research, described as “heroic” because of its complexity, suggests that some of the divergence in male and female neurology is innate, rather than due solely to culture.

Scientists were able to conduct brain scans of foetuses to look for the changes in the connectivity of a growing brain and how it relates to sex.

The work, involving 118 foetuses in the second half of pregnancy, speaks to an occasionally acrimonious debate in neuroscience about the extent to which the differences seen between the brains of men and women…
Source: Times UK

The rest of that original story is behind a paywall, but it is summarized elsewhere:

…scientists at New York University Langone say they’ve narrowed down a biological root after they took brain scans of more than 100 foetuses in the womb.

Study author Professor Moriah Thomason said she was not surprised by the finding.

…Scans were taken of 118 foetuses in the second half of pregnancy.

One of the big differences was in connections between distant parts of the brain.

Girl produced more “long-range” neuron networks as they matured in the womb.

While it’s impossible to know how this changes the way women think, differences in boys’ brains were easier to decode.

Their connections were found to be more changeable than girls’. This may explain why men are more “vulnerable” than women, according to Professor Thomason.

“Males are more susceptible to environmental influences than female babies,” she said.

“If that’s true that could partially account for the fact the male is more vulnerable, and programmable.”
Source: Sun

Like any other new development, it will be challenged by critics.

But if there is a real and measurable connection between visible sex (e.g. boy baby or girl baby) and brain physiology, isn’t that a game-changer for certain identity-movements making headlines right now?

Will our latest ‘conventional wisdom’ need yet another ‘rethink’ and ‘evolution’?

Say what you like to criticize us, at least the traditionalists don’t have to worry about waking up one morning with yet another whole new set of cultural rules and norms to learn and unlearn.

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