Speech No-Go Zones Now In America

Written by Bill Martinez on March 21, 2019

Like Paris, France and particular parts of the United States, there are “No-Go Zones” that law enforcement and first responders for their own safety must be aware of. But now the progressive left has extended the idea to include free speech.

In America today, No-Go Zones when it comes to speech are becoming more pronounced, and increasingly punishable by the self-appointed speech and thought police. Welcome to Orwell’s America. Today, if you’re not “Woke enough” or your casual use of a pronoun, or misplaced pronoun, can and will be punishable in their court of public opinion or social media networks.

Believe it or not, the scrutiny of Free Speech now includes asking questions. Case in point was what happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro. Frankly, it’s a question I have asked of many moderate Muslim guests on our show. How do we reconcile the Quran with our Constitution? On its face, the Quran, as much as I have read, is clearly antithetical to Freedom for all, including women.

In fact, you could say, the first Islamophobe would have been the 3rd President of the United States, one Thomas Jefferson. When our country was continually being harassed and attacked by the Barbary Pirates of Africa, our president wisely requested a copy of the Quran to better understand who and why we were being attacked.

It didn’t take a special counsel and unending hearings in Congress to determine that the Muslim pirates were against freedom. So President Jefferson called up the Marines to settle the problem. So what is it about our history that we fear, or refuse to learn that causes us to repeat mistakes and today, allow danger to come into our country?

America has abandoned critical thinking and critical questioning. Since when did it become an offense to ask a question? I recounted in my show this week, that when I was growing up, we used to go the movies and for 25 cents get a ticket, a hot dog and drink. (Yes, I guess I am that old.)

Point is, we were weekly entertained by the “Spaghetti Westerns.” One of the obvious questions that was asked when a stranger came into town, was, “Are you friend or foe.” Remember? In war generally, we wear uniforms to identify our alliance. In this culture war we find ourselves in today, there’s no “white hats” or identifying uniforms.

It’s political correctness amplified that hinders our speech and even our very thoughts and understanding. If the “Thought Police” decide you’re guilty, then that’s it. You’re invalidated and kicked out of town. What’s being done to Judge Jeanine, Tucker Carlson, comedians on college campuses, as well as conservatives on campus is UNAMERICAN.

Truth is, Congresswoman Omar brought this scrutiny upon herself with her reckless anti-Semitic statements. It was embarrassing how Leader Pelosi attempted to cover for her, claiming to know her heart, saying she didn’t realize the importance of her words, especially as a US Congresswoman. And to add to the insult, the Democrats chose to ignore the real offense and water it down it into a general condemnation with their “We hate Hate Bill”. Boy that took a lot of courage.

Meanwhile, Omar walks away considered the victor if only for a moment. Seems her home state is not being charmed by her antics and disrespect for our country and maybe looking to someone else to represent them in 2020. We’ll see.

The intolerant left has even taken the laughter out of late night shows, entertainment, and campus comedy. Very sad. The heart and soul of our country is being hijacked by a small minority of very loud and annoying sycophants whose only objective is to cater not to the common good, but to their own limited self-interest.

History, by the way, has shown time again that it starts with the “other guy,” (who they perceive to be less-than,) but the nature of the “intolerant left” is that they eventually come after their own. If you don’t know what you stand for, you too, eventually, will become their victim.

History has also tried to teach us that it only takes a small vocal force. Ask Germany how 10% of their citizens took over their country — and almost the world — because the 90% surrendered to the bullying. It’s always easier at first to go along to get along, but in the end, it never works out the way you thought.

As the senator from Hawaii said, they want us to shut up and go away. Interestingly, it was not that long ago that these same progressives were shocked to hear of all the bullying that is taking place in our schools. Now they have become the bullies.

Conservatives cannot speak openly about their support of a President who is fulfilling promises, getting people back to work, turning our economy around, and getting people off of welfare, just to name a few practical examples.

It was even noted by one of our listeners that they have even successfully bullied people to not put a Trump sticker on their car — and don’t even think about a yard sign. You, your car or property are no longer worthy of respect, so whatever they damage or destroy is to get you back in line.

Even a red MAGA hat is being perceived as a KKK hood. Really? This is how absurd things have become, and I’m afraid it will not get better soon. It’s time to remember, one of the first lessons we learned in the sandbox at school, you must bully a bully or the rest of your educational experience will be a living hell at the hands of this incorrigible who only cares for himself.

Thank God for our founding fathers and their courage to stand up to the bully and fight for freedom. We remain indebted to the defenders of this great American experiment who continue to pass on to the next generation, a rich and exceptional history. We all stand proudly with every race, color, and creed as Americans, “the unum of e pluribus.” This is the unifying factor that brings us all together in the name of liberty for all, or not at all.

Let’s welcome back true Freedom that doesn’t come from a self-appointed interest group or bureaucracy. It’s time for Americans to have fun again, to critically think about what kind of America is best for all concerned, and to stand against any force or idea that would limit our God-given liberty.

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live. Find out more at billmartinezlive.com