Spend It Like You Stole it, Mr. President.

Written by Michael Cummings on March 29, 2019

From the 1994 movie Clear and Present Danger:


So, the cash is still there?




In Hardin’s offshore accounts. 650 million.


And change.


And change. And we have the account numbers.


Yes, sir.


Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get it.


“Let’s get it”?


Let’s get it. Let’s turn this thing around. 650 million and change. It’s worth 10 times that in political capital.

There are many definitions for political capital but you can generally think of it as the overall goodwill toward, trust in, or support for a particular official to advance a chosen cause. The manifestation of political capital is vocal, public support and very little opposition from one’s adversaries in office. Sometimes mistakenly called a mandate, political capital can result from large electoral victories, a tragedy with resulting high emotions – as in the New Zealand mosque shooting where the prime minister is sadly given wider latitude to further expose New Zealand citizens to more danger — or a smoldering issue the public has had to endure too long, as in building a wall on America’s southern border.

The border is where I want to concentrate today (listen to the great Daniel Horowitz for the truth on this and other topics).

How can you not call this an invasion (emphasis mine)?

According to new data obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) via a FOIA request, there are 644,488 illegal aliens remaining in our country who have already been served final deportation orders. And those are just from the top four countries of origin – El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. The IRLI shared much more data with CR. The total number of illegal aliens who remain in the country despite final deportation orders is 1,009,550.

In addition, there are roughly 1.1 million others from those four counties who have “pending final orders” and are close to receiving deportation orders. Those with pending final orders are usually individuals who have already been ordered deported by immigration judges but are appealing their case to the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the appellate body of the DOJ’s administrative immigration courts.

That is a total of 1.7 million illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America with final or near-final orders of deportation. Those numbers are as of June 2018, right before the largest surge in Central Americans began over that summer and intensified in the fall of 2018 and winter of 2019. The total number of those ordered deported or with pending deportation orders for nationals of all countries of origin is 2.55 million.

While vast militaries aren’t rolling up on our shores and foreign planes aren’t dropping bombs, call it what you will but we are being invaded. Put your politics aside and look at the situation: There are two and half million people who have been or will be ordered to be deported, and yet these people are either sitting in already packed detention centers or moving freely about the country. To those with a job, such as it is, precious few are paying income taxes. Most are on welfare and they receive low or no cost medical care at the expense of the America people. Many are voting and you can be damn sure they aren’t voting Republican. Broach the subject of assimilation into American culture, and you’ll be met with peals of laughter.

President Trump, while I can only guess at the level of opposition you face on building a wall and securing the border, your number one job is to ensure the safety and security of the United States. Stop this madness now. Put these invaders on a bus, plane, or boat, and send them home. The American people are behind you. Our country is at stake.

You have the political capital. Spend it.

Michael Cummings
Michael A. Cummings has a Bachelors in Business Management from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN, and a Masters in Rhetoric & Composition from Northern Arizona University. He has worked as a department store Loss Prevention Officer, bank auditor, textbook store manager, Chinese food delivery man, and technology salesman. Cummings wrote position pieces for the 2010 Trevor Drown for US Senate (AR) and 2012 Joe Coors for Congress (CO) campaigns.