This New Anti-Trump Painting PROVES Jim Carrey Is Officially Cuckoo

Written by K. Walker on March 19, 2019

It looks like the former comedian officially has an incurable case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Canadian (formerly) funny-man and notorious anti-Trumper Jim Carrey is at it again. His latest piece of ‘art’ is yet another defamatory depiction of President Donald J. Trump.

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This latest drawing depicts President Trump as a meteor hurtling towards the Earth with an angry expression, his mouth open, eyes white, and a swastika on his forehead. In his tweet on Sunday, he seemed to be casting blame on President Trump for the slaughter of innocent people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

It’s a whole bowlful of crazy.

Carrey tweeted out his new creation and captioned it, ‘Innocent people are now being slaughtered, families ruined and childrens’ lives destroyed. All in his name. If the Craven Republican Senate allows this vile miscreant to continue encouraging devisiveness,[sic] the “Trump Presidency” will become an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT.’

You can just see Carrey typing angrily at his keyboard as he uploads his new ‘controversial’ piece of ‘art’.


Carrey, just like the rest of us, was devastated by the horrific attack at innocents slaughtered at their houses of worship during a time of prayer.

He posted a drawing on Saturday showing how heartbroken he was.

This suggestion that Trump is the cause of the shooting pushed by some in the Media(D) is a reference to the shooter’s 74-page manifesto where he interviewed himself and said that he viewed Trump as a ‘symbol of white identity and purpose’ but did not like him as a policymaker or leader. The manifesto of the eco-fascist dirtbag was rambling, incongruent, and pulled from both far-left and far-right ideology. It also invoked a whole lot of internet culture of ‘sh*tposting’ tossing joking breadcrumbs for the gullible — like saying he was inspired by the video game Spiro the Dragon and black conservative commentator, Candace Owens. The white nationalist made his intentions clear — he wanted to divide the left and the right, and by race, to start a second civil war in the United States.

Carrey fell right into the trap and jumped to blame Trump.

Well, Jim, it appears that you’ve allowed the real-estate-mogul-reality-tv-star-turned-President to live rent-free in your head. It’s not like you can blame him, it’s apparent that there wasn’t much going on in there anyway.

Jim’s been on a downward spiral for some time — and we don’t just mean the startlingly complete inability to be funny. He was on Bill Maher’s show defending socialism by defending Canada’s broken healthcare system.

Check out this interview from September 2017:


This guy was one of the biggest name comedians just a few years ago, and now he’s just a walking disaster with hideous anti-Trump art.

If Jim is so triggered by this President, no one is forcing him to stay in the United States. He could go right on back to Canada where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is mired in an obstruction of justice scandal where he allegedly fired his Attorney General for not playing along, has been losing popularity worldwide because of the bungling of the situation, and has high-profile party members bailing on him weekly. Trudeau’s Liberal government just dropped the investigation into the SNC Lavalin scandal to investigate ‘hate crimes’ in Canada. I mean, what’s not to love about that? It’s all the things that Carrey is accusing the Trump administration of doing, only it’s apparently real and not a fabrication of the Deep State.

Funny how Jim hasn’t produced some Trudeau art, isn’t it?

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